Chapter 6: The Accident

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Ellie though really wasn't sure, she was afraid of being home alone only at night though. The house was old and made creepy sounds, plus it was secluded. She wasn't sure, but want to show her family she wasn't a baby.

The next night, her parents left along with everyone else.

"Listen, you need anything call us, your brothers, call Jesse he is just in town" said Nancy.

"Mom I will be fine" said Ellie.

"OK" said Nancy, looking down at her with sad eyes.

"Mom" said Ellie annoyingly.

"Dear she will be fine" said Edward taking Nancy by the arm.

Nancy kissed her forehead.

"Bye sweat heart" said Edward.

"Bye mom, bye dad" said Ellie.

They left, Ellie then stood there wondering what to do.

She went to the kitchen and realized there was no dinner. Her mom forgot.

The phone rang, it was her mom.

"I'm sorry I forgot about your dinner" said Nancy.

"Its ok I will just have cereal" said Ellie.

"You sure?" asked Nancy, "Because I will come home"

"No mom I am fine" said Ellie, "Bye mom" she hung up the phone.

Ellie went to the pantry, no cereal.

"Great" said Ellie, "Now what Tuck"

Tuck barked.

Ellie smiled.

"Well I can't be to hard to make Mac and Cheese"

she took a box and begin to read the directions.

"Boil water, well I can do that"

Tuck tilted his head at her and had a worried look.

"You sure your a dog Tuck?"

Tuck barked again.

She was watching the water boil and knew it was going to take awhile, so she went to watch TV. After awhile she went back and the water was boiling so she added the noodles.

"See I can cook"

Tuck barked again

"I will take that as a yes"

She then realized she had to wait ten minutes so she went back to the TV. After ten minutes she saw the noodles were ready.

"Ok now what"

She read the directions.

"Drain the noodles? Where would there be drainer?"

Tuck barked.

"Sometimes I wished you could talk, to help with me these things"

She searched the cabinets, nothing.


Tuck barked and barked near the sink


She turned and looked the strainer was hanging above the sink along with other pots. She got the stole and stood up on top of it. She was trying to get it. When I large steal pan fell and hit her on the head, she fell off the stole and was unconscious. Tucker began to bark frantically, and lick Ellie's face. He then ran to and open window and barked and barked at it. It was a very quiet night out and Jesse and Danny were patrolling nearby.

"Hey whats that?" asked Jesse.

"A dog barking" said Danny.

"It sounds like Tucker" said Jesse.

"So" said Danny.

"No it sounds like he is upset" said Jesse.

"You can tell when a dog is upset?" said Danny.

"Tucker is like a human" said Jesse.

"Except he is a dog" said Danny.

"Lets just go see, Ellie is home alone and it will make me feel better" said Jesse.

"Fine" said Danny turning down their driveway.

They got to the house and saw Tucker barking at the open window. They got out and headed to the door. When Jesse opened Tuck started jumping and spinning around barking. They could smell something burning and smoke was coming from the kitchen.

"Whats that smell?" asked Danny.

"Ellie!" Jesse called.

No response.

Tuck bit Jesse's pants and pulled him toward the kitchen. Jesse and Danny ran to the kitchen, the then saw Ellie's feet come from behind the counter.

"Ellie?" said Jesse as he ran to her.

He kneeled down and put his hand under her head.

"Ellie, Ellie" said Jesse.

Danny meanwhile turned off the stove and put the fire out.

She opened here eyes and started to sit up.

"Whoa easy" said Jesse as he made her lay back down.

"Ellie are you okay? what happened?" asked Jesse.

"I don't know, I was trying to make dinner, because mom forgot and there was no cereal, but then I was getting something and a pot fell on my head" said Ellie.

"OK, well lets get you some ice for you head" said Jesse, picking her up. Danny handed him some ice. He laid her down on the couch.

"Here" he said putting ice on her head, "Let me get you some pain meds."

He went and got pain meds and also called his parents.

"Mom, but don't worry I got it, I will stay with her, no need to come home" said Jesse.

"Yes, there is, I knew this was a bad idea" said Nancy.

Despite Jesse convincing them she was fine, they still came home. Nancy rushed to Ellie.

"I'm fine mom" said Ellie.

"No, your not, I'm sorry this would have never happened, if I just remembered to make dinner" said Nancy.

"Mom its not your fault, its mine I should have never tried to cook" said Ellie.

"You almost burnt the house down" said Danny.

Jesse shot him a look.

"Ya, but I would have never came home if it wasn't for Tucker, he was barking constantly at the window" said Jesse.

Nancy hated Tucker, but looked down at him.

"Thank you Tucker" said Nancy.

Tucker barked.

Later that night John came home.

"Ellie I'm so sorry" said John, "If I could have stayed with you, this would never have happened."

"Its no ones fault but my own" said Ellie, "I wanted to so you that I wasn't a baby."

"Ellie your are baby sister and your not baby, just a kid and I kinda forgot about that" said John.

"We all forget that sometimes" said Jesse.

Ellie smiled.

"Come on I will take you to bed" said John picking her up and carrying her up the stairs.

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