A very strange shop

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After the first day's welcome ceremonies, everyone was happy to go to rest.

As a malicious hostess, Millerna had installed Hitomi in the room she had occupied on her first trip to Gaea, and Van was just in the next room.

Filled with happiness for herself, Merle had her own room, not a small one! The only room was almost as large as the apartment she occupied at Fanelia!
It's only in Asturia, she could have a room for her on a journey, as cat-girl, she was always despised elsewhere.

Meinmet was also delighted with her housing conditions. After having gossiped more than reason, he had only one desire: sleeping.

He noticed that Asturia had a keenest sense of hospitality just for the immense comfort of the bedding where he slumped.

On their side, because of the wedding, Yiris and Folken were together. If the Prince was amused by the situation, his wife was still in her corner, grumbling.

He remained a philosopher, even if she wasn't the most pleasant, the general had the merit of being always there.

The Prince had been alone enough in his life to appreciate a presence, however strange.


The next day, while the men had gathered to discuss about the problemseriously, with the exception of Meinmet who had embarked on anexploration of the Palace accompanied by Merle, Yiris had amusedherself by going through the roofs to spy the discussions about thethieves of energist to which, as a woman obliging, she couldn't attend.

Having sent her special guests on a boat trip through the city, Millerna had planned a small niche to quietly talk with Hitomi.

"So, if you explain me why you came back ... now?" The young fait woman, curious.
"What do you mean?"
"Don't play the silly girl with me! I know you. When you left, tenyears ago, we thought you would come back a few months, even yearsafter, to reconstruct yourself. Indeed, it seemed obvious to us thatyou would soon realize that you couldn't live without Van. And at theend, years have gone by, and a number ..."

Seeing Hitomi staring at her cup of tea, unable to speak, Millerna filled the silence.

"Well, I'll stop bothering you. After all, the important thing is that you are there, with Van! So what will happen next?"
"Honestly, I don't know ..." She replied timidly, still concentrated on her cup.
"You cannot remain the lover of the shadow, it will be necessary toface the light! And again, you're lucky, Fanelia isn't a veryprotocolary country, you can lead a calm life once Queen ..."
"Queen ..."

As she spoke, Hitomi felt a certain uneasiness.

Whenever she imaginedherserlf as Van's wife, she was divided between the anguish of this newrole that would confine her to Gaea and the fact of sharing the life ofthe one she loved so much.
Leaving her mind wandering, the young woman had a strange vision. Achild, apparently a little dark-haired boy, sat on the edge of a windowand looked at the starry sky.
Suddenly, he seemed to turn to her, andstared at her with his green eyes.

"Hey, Mommy, do you think one day I would see my Daddy?"

Back to reality, Hitomi felt strangely bad. She had experienced acertain joy at seeing this child, who, in detail, seemed to be aperfect mixt between herself and Van, but on the other hand, thequestion he asked made her ill-at-ease.

Millerna, who had noticed her trouble, hadn't dared to disturb her, she knew too much those absences for having witnessed it.

After a few minutes, Hitomi shook her head as she want to wake up weel.
The Queen sighed in relief to see her conscious again.

"What the matter?"
"No ... Nothing" The woman responded with a forced smile.
"It was like you saw something?"
"Ah, yes, but nothing important, be reassured, I'm fine ..."
"Well, if you say ... I saw you once time finishing the heart stopped after one of this episodes ..."
"I swear, don't worry, I'm fine! All these awful visions are behind me,although I concede that sometimes I have some kinds of small flashes ..."

Obviously, Millerna wasn't convinced by Hitomi's explanations, but she decided not to insist further.

"By the way, I guess you know I have two adorable children."
"Yes, Van told me about it. Your situation shouldn't be simple."
"You said it ..." The Queen sighed sadly. "By spending his time playingthe invisible man, Dryden put me in an untenable situation. He hadpromised to come back, and finally he never gave me any news ..."
"It must have been difficult ..."
"Over time, I think he resigned himself. He loved me in his own way ...
Fortunately, Allen was always by my side. He's also my principaladvisor, but the lack of formalization of our situation is difficult,especially since the birth of our elder.
If my sister hadn't succumbedto the disease, I believe that the situation would have killed her."
"Was Princess Eries ill for a long time? That's why she had renounced the throne, right?"
"My sister has always had a fragile constitution. Young, she caught ahigh fever, our Mother fell sick at the same time but she didn'tsurvive.
Since, Eries suffered punctually from the flares of feverthat left her every time worse, she was lucid and knew that it wouldtake her away young ...
And I believe that between her broken engagementand what happened to Marlene, she had been deeply disgusted by the menand preferred to remain alone ..."
"Her broken engagement?" Hitomi asked, intrigued.
"It's true that I never talked to you about it. You know that when Iwas a little girl, I went to Fanelia, and at that time my father wantedto marry Eries to Folken, then you know what happened ..."
"All this is very sad ..."
"Eries had just said about Folken that he seemed to be nice, but Ithink it was a good idea in the head of my dear father who alwayslooking for his interest everywhere ...
A few years ago, my sisterhad a last crisis, of an incredible violence, nothing could bring downthe fever which finally killed her ..."
"I'm sorry ..."
"Dont be. You know, I've grown a lot in my head. I know how to managemy country and how to face with jokes, it's not necessarily easy, butI'm strong enough for that.
I try to impose myself as a woman, a bitlike this Yiris, but I cannot do it as well as she does."
"It looks like she intrigues you."
"I admit it, and she has the sense of the show! I had never had theopportunity to speak to her before yesterday, and she has lived up toher reputation. Somehow, I envy her freedom, although I'm theQueen, as soon as I raise my voice to make my opinion heard.
Even ifit's not that of my counselors, I find myself referred to the fact thatI'm a woman and those one don't' know how to manage a country, so,even less the armies.
Allen is particularly talented to tell me thingsnicely and, every time, I fall into the trap to finally yield ..."

Looking out, with a smile on her lips, the Sovereign continued.

"At least, Yiris knows how to make herself heard! After all, only threepeople have managed to win a duel against Allen since he's a CaeliKnigth, it's a certain prestige that forces respect.
"Three persons? "
"Yes, Van during their last confrontation in guymelef, Yiris in a stupid provocation, and Gaddes!"

Hitomi was completely stunned. Imagining the faithful sergeant ofAllen fighting against him, and moreover winning, was very strange.

In any case, this story made Millerna laugh.

"Well, it's a very funny story. Since he had found her, Allen had alwayswatched over his little sister Celena. However, this one is rathermalicious, and often escaped.
Her main interest was to look after whather brother was doing. Thus, she began to watch carefully the Crusadeteam, and in the long run, her gaze turned to Gaddes.
She took advantage of the slightest opportunity to greet him. Little bylittle, this attraction had become reciprocal as well as deeper anddeeper. But recently, Allen discovered it and there ..."
"And?" Hitomi asked curious to know what happened next.
"Well, even though he had great respect for his sergeant, Allen didn'tconsider that he would make a suitable husband for his sister.
Taken topride, Gaddes found nothing better than to challenge him in a duel on awhim. And then ..."
"The Crusade Crew had a singular idea, not very bad. But thanks to astratagem, they managed to win Gaddes, who was able to marry Celena."
"How did they do it?"

Millerna didn't have time to answer, someone knocked at the door. Surprised, the Queen allowed the person to enter.

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