Getting To Know Me

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I retired early to do nothing but write.

Reclusive by nature, like many writers, I thought it would be the perfect way to sail on into that "third act" on my own terms.

No deadlines, no pressure. No rules, period. Save a few self-enforced ones created from necessity along the way.

It was smooth sailing for quite a while. Locked away in my sacred space, fingers flying across those keys, I came up for air each day just about the time my daughter and her boyfriend got home from work. There'd be dinner, some socializing, some TV--balance, of a sort.

And then...the kids moved. Miles away. Took the puppies. The cat.

Things got quiet. Too quiet.

My writing flourished in the calmness. But my relatively carefree life began to feel...spare. Soulless. Aimless.

At first, I attributed it to aging and "empty nest syndrome." But as the malaise continued, deepened, I began to consider seeing a counselor. Maybe a life coach.

But I'd tried that before. And I always quit after a few visits.

As I said, I'm reclusive. One of those people who buys toilet paper--heck, almost everything-- on Amazon to keep from having to "interact."

So I thought I'd wind up doing what I always do. Suffering in silence. Muddling through.

And then Wattpad made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Bless them. A service called "betterhelp" (yes, no "caps") that I could test drive for free.

I'd heard of it before, via some of my favorite podcasts. It's a way of receiving real counseling from licensed professionals in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Or on the go, on any device, wherever and whenever you like.

So it's not only perfect for hermits like me, it's also the perfect first step for anyone going through a particularly rough patch. I mean, let's face it. It's hard to get up and go out when you're in that "dark night of the soul."

betterhelp lets you live chat, text, phone or even do a "face to face" video  chat session. Need emergency assistance? There's a phone number you can call day or night.

It's remarkably easy to get started. In fact, all Wattpad fans can have a free 1-week trial.

Just use the link I've provided and complete a brief and very user friendly form that helps them choose the right counselor for you. Soon after, you'll receive a "welcome" email inviting you to sign in and get better acquainted.

You can just send messages back and forth to get a feel for things first--like emailing. Or you can set up an "e-appointment," for a one-on-one, real time experience.

I did both. And I'm glad.

The questions my counselor asked before the chat told me that she was already hard at work narrowing her focus. The chat itself? Impressive. Insightful.

It's nice getting to know me.

Now it's your turn. Try betterhelp. Just click here or on  that "External Link" and go!

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