marrying my boss..taylor lautner chapter 4

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as promised :)

sam's pov...


'he kissed me!!! omg...omg he kissed me!! taylor lautner kissed me!!' my head screamed that thought as i was looking at nate and him play on the living room floor and as i tried to act noncholant, as if that kiss didnt happen, as much as id like to pretend that it didnt happen between us i could feel electricity and whatever they call it in the air around us.

i sighed as i looked at his gift for me..a boquet of peach roses, a cute teddy bear and a box of my favorite could i not fall in love with this guy?? when he could be sweet and charming and everything i could ever want in a man and a father for nate. that kiss was bound to happen, we both knew it and we both saw it coming. for months we have lived together and shared our lives with each other and started to be parents to our lil bundle of happiness made it impossible for us to acknowledge the physical attraction that we have for each other..if he would ask me to give myself to him that night i know fully well that i wouldnt and cant say no..

i smiled at nate who was at that moment showing off to his daddy his skills in playing basketball..

'nate,baby..careful ok?' i told him

taylor gave off that smile of his and i felt my heart pump like crazy..'ok sammie, guys kissed..dont ruin the moment by saying something stupid' i smiled back at him and wiped my sweaty hands on the couch..

'sammie? is there something wrong?' i heard him ask

i blinked and look at him as if he had wings on his back..i shook my head and tried to smile..please dont make him sit next to me or i'll go please no..or i might kiss him

it was as if the gods conspired to test my patience..taylor walked over to me with that gorgeous smile of if he could read my mind..please dont make him read my was going rated r at that moment..

'nice abs lautner' i whispered and looked up at him..who the hell cares i hope he didnt hear that..

my mistake he did..he chuckled and sat beside me 'thanks for ahh noticing the abs wilson..i worked hard to get that..'

'i notice everything about you lautner and not just the abs' i really need to shut up..big time, i was making a complete fool of myself infront of him and he had the audacity to smile..

i punched him on his shoulder and stuck my tongue out at him 'whats so funny lautner??' i demanded to which he smiled at me and pulled me closer to him..i wish we could be a lot closer to each other..damn these clothes..

'you know what's going to happen right sammie?' he asked me as he touched my face with his fingertips

i nodded 'yes..i going to kiss you' after saying that i pulled his head closer to mine and kissed him..kissed him with all the longing thati have inside for him..and if the world would come to an end..i wouldnt notice it..he felt so right..his lips felt so wonderful against mine...

' dont know what you do to me' he whispered in between kisses and pulled me even closer

'shut up and just kiss me lautner' i murmured and bit his lower lip to shut him up..i heard him groan and pulled me closer to him and kissed me the way i wanted to be kissed..the way i dreamt of being kissed...


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