Chapter Five

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"You fall in love and it completely consumes you. So a part of you is broken when that's gone. And part of you wants to have that rebellious feeling where you're just like "Forget it- I can do anything i want" I've tried it and I've never been that girl. I'm always going to be the girl you want to take home to your parents, not for the night. "  ― Selena Gómez

Jade's POV

"What! She's dead?"

"Yes, she took an overdose of pain reliever, last night." George, the barista, called me, when I was about to leave our house, to work the following day.

My heart was beating so fast. I felt so cold all of the sudden, and my hands were trembling.

"No. I can't believe it! She seemed so fine, yesterday. Are you sure?" I couldn't accept the fact, that Mrs. Chang was dead. No... No... not her, please.

"Yup, it was confirmed by Ricky. He called me, to inform us that the coffee shop will be temporarily close, for about two weeks."

Ricky was single, and Mrs. Chang's only son. The rest of her children were women and already married.

"Oh, God, this is unbelievable." It still wouldn't sink-in, in my mind that she was gone. This is a nightmare!

I felt so devastated. Mrs. Chang was like a mother to me. She was a nice woman and a very good employer. She even paid me so well. I would miss her a lot.

"Yeah, this is so sudden. Anyway, Ricky will manage the coffee shop."

"Ricky! Oh, no..." I groaned out loud.

"HA! I know what you're thinking."

Why, Ricky? Why not her other children? He's a sex maniac! The last time he was in the coffee shop, he slapped my butt in front of the customers. He did much worse to Suzanne. He squeezed her breasts and attempted to kiss her. I didn't think I could ever survive having him as my boss. I had to find another job.

After an hour, I started looking for a new job. I couldn't work at the coffee shop anymore, now that Mrs. Chang was gone, and with Ricky as the new boss.

I searched on the internet, for any job opening, with my qualifications. I submitted my Resume to varied small companies, hoping and praying that I would be accepted, since I really needed a job, to support my family.

Finally, a bakery accepted me, but the salary was so small. So, I declined.

There were jobs, with bigger salaries, but I was not qualified, because of lack of experience. Many companies preferred college graduates also. Unfortunately, I only graduated high school, and never ever attended college.

After one week of hunting for a job, I became so desperate. My mom and my sister, Sapphire really depended on me. I need to get a job, ASAP, to pay the house rental, the utilities and our basic needs. Aside from that, there was my mom's medication, for her heart disease.

I bought the Sunday newspaper, hoping that I would finally find a job. I was in the dining table, marking all prospective jobs in the classified ads section, with my pink highlighter, when Sapphire sat on a chair, across me. She just woke up, and still on her Kigurumi anime printed pajamas. Yup, she was an anime freak, and loved joining cosplays.

"Hi, Dee, can I borrow the entertainment section?"

"Sure." I replied, without looking at her.

"Too bad, he got married. I love him. Why? Oh, why? You didn't even wait for me to grow up. I hate you Behati, you stole my boyfriend."

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