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 ID card? Bank card? 

Xia An, who had taken over everything from the original owner, quickly found everything related to the original owner in the room.

Looking at the things that were closely related to the life of the original owner, Xia An couldn't help but feel happy. Being a star meant making money. 

The original owner was not a famous star. Perhaps because of her character, although the original owner has a look that countless people envy and hate, she was only popular during her early debut.

Beside, the original master's fragile body and sensitive personality made her unsuitable with entertainment circle. 

She has been crawling for more than three years in the entertainment circle, but she was still a small star in the 18th line. 

However, after more than three years, the original Lord's name exploded again. Although this time, it was because of the black material scandal. 
However, these were not important anymore.

Because Xia An, who had never been mixed in the entertainment before the apocalyptic, decided not to continue to mix in the entertainment circle. 

After she sorted out all the important things, Xia An remembered her son, who was still in the welfare home, so she got ready to wash up and picked up the villain. 

However, when she entered the bathroom and saw her current image, she was shocked! 

"...This is the zombie that hasn't died long." 

Xia An couldn't help but spit out the thoughts in her heart. 

In the mirror, the woman’s face was very dry, and her eyes were sunken. 

The pale, white complexion made her look like a dead person.

Xia An touched the hair hanging on her chest, just gently pulling it, and the dry and messy hair was broken by her. 

"Looking at this, she should be dead for at least five days..." 

It was not easy to go out right now. 

Looking at the 'female zombie' in the mirror that couldn't be seen as beauty at all, Xia An took a deep breath. 

How do you want to pick up your cheap son? 

If she went out like this, she will definitely scared people away. 

Rubbing her eyes, Xia An had a headache because of her current appearance. 

"Forget it, let's eat some delicious food at home first." 

Xia An shrugged her shoulder helplessly, postponed the plan to pick up the child. 

Once again, she returned to the kitchen. Xia An cautiously swept out the kitchen with her eyes. After she found no high-fat and high-calorie food, she felt that it was necessary to buy something back! 

She turned on the mobile phone,  downloaded a takeaway app and then, ordered all the food she wanted to eat with glowing eyes.

Although the poor Xia An felt hurt when paying, her appetite has overcome her reason, so she paid more than a thousand yuan for fast food! 

She was so excited as she watched several deliverymen riding motorcycles towards her destination. 

"Ding-!" The elevator door was opened. A group of deliverymen wearing the same uniform, look at each other, their face was full of doubt. 

Because, they did not expect that all of them were going on the same floor. 

However, there were different residents on the same floor, so the takeaway little buddies weren't too concerned. 

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