Do he got a booty?

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Victors pov

I sigh as I look up at the old building, annoyed at my leads taking me no where. I wave to the Zsaszettes, watching them drive off to follow the last two leads we have yet to investigate. One of Hugos hench men is rumored to be in stranges old office for his paperwork, or something of that nature. I whistle as I walk in, pulling out a gun as the door closes behind me.

I keep my footsteps silent, my eyes looking through the grimy hallways for any signs of life. I ignore the soft scurrying noises as I walk, knowing it was probably nothing but rodents. It isn't until the third floor do I see a hint of a person walking through recently, some doors wide open, a stale smell coming from them hinting they hadnt been opened for some time.

Some of the doors knobs were shot off, rust prevalent in the pieces that hadn't flown off. I peak in some of the opened rooms but they were bare, making me wonder what the point of that had been. Holding in a noise of irritation- it should not be this much of a hassel to find one doctor- I pause close to the 3rd floor stairwell, looking at the window.

My gaze falls on black, military style boots and I follow those long legs to the most plump ass I've seen since Oscar. I cant stop myself from letting out a whistle of appreciation. I couldnt help but to have to adjust myself as my pants grow tight. It looked familiar. Wait...Id know that booty anywhere.

I blink only to meet dark eyes, a gun pointed at me through the window. I barely duck in time to avoid a bullet in my head.

That cant be Oscar.

I stand against the wall as the glass flies in, black boots following them swiftly. I point my gun and click off the safety as I press the gun against...against....

"Oscar?" I tilt my head, shuddering at the devious smirk playing at his lips. An expression Id never thought would be on my beautiful baker, my pants for sure less tight then this earlier. "Thats my name, don't wear it out." Big, strong hands take me off guard, Oscar stealing my weapon from me and pressing against me, his warmth seeping into my skin where ever his hands touch.

I bite back a moan at the rough treatment, my head swimming with confusion, lust, and a little bit of fear mixed in. Oscars dark purple eyes bore into mine, as if he could see through me and I barely suppress a shiver.

The ground digs into my butt as his intense gaze burns on me, my gun pointed at me. I raise my hands, hoping his...effect on me is hidden by my postion. "This is a warning." I almost whimper at his tone, little Zsasz twitching in my pants.

He's so fucking beautiful.

I want him to tie me up and-


The noise of Oscar dropping my clip pulls my from my fantasy, his fingers making quick work of my gun. I wonder if he could do the same to me.

I watch Oscar with wide eyes, his curly hair wild and free, his fingernails painted black. I can almost make out the outline of his dick through his leather pants. I watch the final piece hit the ground before he leans forward, his scent making my head swim.

His deep voice washes over me, Oscar lightly slapped my face and I let out such a low moan I think he missed. I pull myself up only when Oscar starts to walk away, using the wall to keep my balance. I press the heel of my hand to my hard-on, letting out a loud whimper at the relief.

Oscar glances back at me, his dark eyes promising as he lets out a chuckle and I dont need anymore relief as I slide down the wall.

Holy fuck, I think Oscar's my dom.

Wait. Did he have a gun?

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