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“B-But you can’t be…. Sir?” asks a baffled Steve and I fight to hold back the giggle forming its way up my throat. “How? Why?” asks Barton, face paling more and more by the second.

“How? Because I can. Why? Because I want to. Who do you think helped her off the radar all those years? How do you think the lights mysteriously vanished off just when they wanted to? I had to allow Ally in otherwise it would take her hours to hack our systems. Oh, and how do you think she knew what was happening and everything about us? Granted, I of course restricted access to a few areas but she hacked them anyway, quite quickly might I add. Ally always had eyes on the SHIELD agents through the cameras and Nightshade always knew when and where attacks and mission would be. Ever wondered how you escaped Budapest Agent Barton and Agent Romanoff?”

Tasha’s face goes a ghostly white, Barton’s eyes flickering as if he’s going to faint. “You mean… the mystery sniper…..” starts Tasha, not being able to form proper sentences. “Me,” I say, smirking at my own accomplishments. I can’t believe I’ve lasted this long, without anyone, ANYONE suspecting. Even the great Black Widow, the best assassin at breaking and figuring out plans from a single guy’s sentence. She’s amazing at piecing things together, answering riddles and things of the sort. That, is how well Fury, Ally and I are covering our tracks.

“But Director, if she works for SHIELD, why send them after her?” asks Reed, still trying to figure out the big picture of all this. “I wasn’t planning on, however, a few years back I slipped up and one of our agents picked her up on the radar. I couldn’t blow my cover, so I sent in a few agents and they obviously came back unsuccessful. Agent Romanoff heard of this and asked to be put on her case, wanting to bring her in. She wouldn’t stop until Miss Nightshade was caught so I just tried to keep her off radar as most as possible,”

“That must have been hard, considering I wouldn’t stop searching for her myself,” mumbles Tasha, now seated in a recliner chair with a single hand running through her hair. This must have been a giant blow to the gut to her, after countless years of searching for me, to bring me in under Fury’s order and now to be told this. Sucks to be her, and I kind of feel a pang of sympathy for her, even after everything we’ve been through I do feel sorry for her.

“So… she’s an ally (not Ally, ally as in friend) of SHIELD?” asks Ben. Nick’s – Fury’s – mouth twitches upward, kind of like a smile, an amused grin then corrects “Agent of SHIELD actually,” I think I could hear the gears grinding inside each and every one of their heads at the moment it fell that silent.

“She’s… what?” asks Stark, quite shocked himself. One point for team Nick and Lillian! We just surprised Mr egotistical and knows-everything-that-you-don’t. You may know him as Tony Stark. “Yeah just like her mum,” says Ally, a mouth full of chips. Where did she get chips from?

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