Chapter 16-You Don't Control My Life❤️

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I get my bag ad rummage through it to find my maths homework I got! Homework to the first day, it's unbelievable. But I do it anyways. Once I'm done with my homework, which took 20 minutes, I belly flop onto my bed and scroll through Instagram, liking people's photos and talking to people. I also go onto our group chat with me, chloe, Harper and Maya.
R- Hey, talked to my step mum, and she said you can all sleep over on Friday!
M-Yasss girl, can't wait!
H-I will bring the snacks. Can't wait
C-We are gunna have so much fun!
R-I gotta go but I'll text you guys later! Bye😁
I go off my phone and pop into the bathroom, tie my hair up into a messy bun and start to head downstairs.
"Ello!" I say to Emmet in the living room. I plop down next to him and he is on his phone.
"Don't answer me then!" I say as I turn on the TV. He looks at me and then looks away. I roll my eyes and start to play Vampire diaries on the TV. He sees what I'm watching and gets up to leave.
"God I'm I that bad!, I mutter under my breath. I continue to watch vampire diaries. I have been watching vampire diaries since I started hight school and I can't get over them! I love the series and the idea of it. I am watching vampire diaries when I hear a loud smash come from the kitchen. I sigh and pause my TV. I walk in and roll my eyes. I see Lydia and Collin in shock and looking down at a smashed plate. I shake my head and laugh, while going back to the living room.

After about 30 minutes of watching my TV show I get up and walk to the kitchen for food. I see all my brothers and step brothers also Lydia and dad already sat there so I sit down in between Danny and Lydia and we all start to eat!
"So, how's was your day Rose?" Dad asks.
"I made some friends and met this boy in my science as well." Once I say that I can feel tension build the air and all the boys tense up.
"Guys stop, she getting older and one day she will find a boy. I guess that day is today!" Lydia says while taking another spoonful of soup. I gesture my hands at Lydia to say I agree.
"But mum, teenage boys have bad intentions. I mean, we would know, we are one!" Emmet says as he glares at me. I scuff and take another spoon ful of soup.
"You are never to talk to that boy again? Got it princess?" Dylan says. I roll my eyes and all the boys agree.
"Got it Princess?" Dylan says again.
"No I don't, I'm getting older and I should be allowed!" I say as dad puts his head down. Dad has always known that I am stubborn. I smirk and look back at the boys who are glaring at me.
"Do you understand?" Dylan says once more.
"I'M SICK AND TIERD OF YOU GUYS CONTROLLING MY LIFE! IF MY MUM WAS HERE, SHE WOULD SUPPORT ME. I HATE ALL OF YOU!" I shout and storm upstairs. It's true, I've never had a boyfriend but my mum has always supported me in talking to boys. And supporting me to. Of course I had Billy and some other guy friends but they acted like brothers to me so I can't really count them. Heck, they still act like brothers even though I'm in Cali! I get into my room and flop on my bed. Letting all the tears I had out, about every thing. About my mum about this boy about me moving, about my brothers controlling my life! Eventually I fall asleep, with a blanket on top of me. And my one pillow. And also, my secret stash of chocolate!
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, something came up. But I do hope you like this Chapter! - PurpleSlothStories ❤️

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