The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 8

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I didn't speak to him for the rest of the week. It was bad enough that he had fucked with my head but after that thing with Rick, it was going to be a very cold day in hell before I let him anywhere near me.

I was surprised that Rick was still speaking to me after Cal broke his nose. He was actually quite good about it, saying that it wasn't my fault that he was such a prick. He had that one right.

But we had done a pretty good job avoiding each other. Cal even took it so far as to stop coming to meals, opting to stay away until I had left to go to my room. I knew that it couldn't go on like this forever but I was too headstrong to even consider initiating a truce.

So when Rickasked if I was going to the party on Friday night,my mind didn't even linger on Cal. Well,maybe a littlebit, but I soon got ridof the thought.

"Party?" I asked, taking a sip of my coffee. I had realised, as my first week had progressed, that Rick was into coffee in a big way. He was always drinking the stuff. He had jokingly said that it was his drug of choice. I was starting to wonder if he really had been kidding.

"Yeah," he said, shaking his hair out of his eyes. "At Levi Webber's."

I didn't tell him that I had no idea who Levi Webber was and just said yes, thinking that a party was exactly the thing I needed to contribute to my newly found "normal" life. I was beginning to feel like a teenager again. Instead of moaning when we were given homework or dates of exams, I found myself excited about them. Everything that my peers took for granted, I thought were great. The longer I stayed here, I realised that the teachers weren't that bad. Perhaps it was because, at my old school, I never had time to concentrate on doing well. Now, I had all of the time in the world and no distractions.

It was like I had hit the jackpot.

When Rick and I said goodbye, he told me that he would pick me up at eight, and I began to walk to Cal's waiting car. That was one of the things that I hated; the journeys to and from school. It was okay when Ade, Radleigh and Eli were all there, making stupid jokes and discussing the potential of girls, but there were moments when he would catch my eye in the mirror.

Flint still hadn't bothered coming back and yet, nobody thought that it was odd. I had reasoned that, because it was almost the full moon, nobody seemed to really care about anything but themselves.

"Annie!" I turned and received a face full of snow, hurtling from none other than Radleigh. Spluttering and coughing, I tried to wipe it off, only succeeding in sending freezing cold droplets of snow down my top. I swore and began to shiver.

Ever since the snow had begun to fall two days ago, it had become hazardous to even try to go outside. Home was no exception, with snowballs flying at my window at random intervals. I like the snow but I was prepared to put up with being pelted with it every time I tried to exit a building.

The car lights flashed as Cal strolled towards us, his jacket pulled right up, the car keys in his hand. I pulled open the back door and got into the middle, fastening the seat belt with my almost numb hands. Radleigh and Ade clambered in either side. It was a snug fit and there certainly wasn't any room to move; Ade wasn't the skinniest of people and Radleigh was complete muscle. I could understand why nobody thought we were twins.

Eli got into the front seat and Cal started up the engine. The car skidded a bit on the ice but nothing major. Soon, we were speeding past houses, warm and engrossed in a conversation about Ade's favourite type of pie.

"Steak's nice, but chicken's better," he argued. "But not that stupid one with the white sauce."

"Areal chicken pie?" I asked. "The one with gravy's not a proper one."

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