Chapter 8: 'The sun, the supplier of shadows'

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*Dedicated to gossamersilverglow a wonderful person and great writer! check her stuff out!*

Gabrielle Da Silva. The innocent young virgin that was pure and sweet up until the time of her death when she gave into rage and unknowingly played her part in unleashing a shadow beast unto earth. James had known it was her as soon as he saw her picture.

His first emotion when seeing her picture in the police file was one of relief because it meant they were a step closer to finding the killer. His second emotion after looking at the picture was a deep painful sadness. Gabrielle had the same enchanting green eyes as Casey.
He looked at Gabrielle's photo and saw Casey and his heart sank. He truly missed her.
Since the day he turned eighteen he never thought that he could ever miss or love anybody.
He had thought his curse excluded him from any happy emotions or enjoyable human interaction but she had shown him different and had done something he thought was impossible, she made him smile. In a life of perpetual darkness, she was his light and he missed her so much. Her warm smile, her gentle touch. James closed his eyes and pictured Casey looking at him affectionately with her enchanting green eyes that lit up beautifully when she smiled. He heard her voice whisper, 'I love you.' With his eyes closed and his lips curled into a unfamiliar smile James drifted off to sleep.

James was brought harshly back to reality and out of his trip down memory lane as Detective Monroe shook him hard and said loudly, ' Dammit wake up!'
James groaned, rubbed his eyes and said weakly, 'I'm awake, I'm awake.'
'We're at the Da Silva residence, you want to stay in the car and keep dreaming or are you coming in?' Monroe laughed at James serious stare of annoyance and continued, 'let's get to it then.'
James squinted as he stepped out the car into the merciless bright shining heat of the
 mid-day sun. He blinked a couple times then looked up at the clear blue sky.
It was a bright sunny day, a clear sky devoid of all clouds. What a beautiful deception, the sun bathing the world in light giving the illusion of beauty and safety.
 As quoted by the band Saving Sanity, 'The sun is the greatest supplier of shadows.'
Still, ignorance is bliss and better hidden shadows than nothing but pitch black darkness.
Detective Monroe looked at James and shook his head. The kid had been through more than anybody should ever go through. He could see the pain in James eyes but he had no idea how to help or what to say. The things going on in that boys head was beyond comparison and explanation. They were about to walk into a strangers home and tell grieving parents that their beloved innocent daughter was brutally tortured and eventually killed by a sick sadistic killer and James was standing with his eyes closed and his hands outstretched to the sky. The detective cleared his throat and James opened his eyes and apologized, embarrassed. They walked up to the door and looked at each other solemnly before Detective Monroe knocked hard on the door.

The door was answered by Mrs Da Silva. She was dressed in a smart and neat grey long skirt and  white shirt with grey blazer. Her hair was tied back and she wore very little make-up.
The bags under her eyes were almost as bad as James. It was clear she hadn't been getting much sleep since the death of her daughter and Detective Monroe surmised that she was coping with her grief by throwing herself into her work. He knew that all too well.
She looked them up and down and asked coldly, 'Can I help you?'
Monroe took of his badge, held it up and said, 'I am Detective Monroe and this is my... uhhh, associate James Crowley. Can we come in?'
Mrs Da Silva's face perked up and she asked hopefully,' Do you have any news on my daughter? Any new leads?'
Her face fell as she saw Detective Monroe look down at the floor. He put his hand and her shoulder but she shrugged it off and stood up straight taking in a deep breath.
'The lounge is over there, I'll make some tea and join you there. How many sugars?' Her voice was strong and every syllable pronounced strongly but the detective could hear the shaky undertone in her voice. She was trying so hard to be strong and not fall to pieces.
He replied calmly and gently, 'Just one sugar for me and i'm guessing James needs three.'
Mrs Da Silva looked at James with a raised eyebrow and he nodded.

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