Chapter 2

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As I walked past pack members on my way out of the house, a series of various unkind words were thrown my way.




They were all words that I was use to hearing. I was usually great at ignoring them, but for some reason, today was different. Something within me snapped. Isla let out a menacing growl from within me.

"I'm not a fucking monster!" I yelled as I turned around on my heels. "You all are fucking monsters! You've all been putting me through so much shit since I was little!" That was surely enough to shut everyone up. The room went quiet as soon as my yells echoed around the room.

Stop being such a baby! I scolded myself as I felt tears wanting to escape my eyes.

The laughter and conversations that were once filled the room was no longer there. I could tell that everyone was shocked from my sudden confrontation, something that I was never able to do for years.

"For once in my life, leave me alone!" By the end of that, pack members were left speechless and wide eyed. I myself was shocked that I had finally snapped after so long of taking every blow that came my way. My breathing started to spread up and I could feel my heart starting to beat out of my chest.

As I turned around to head for the door once more, a voice behind me called out to me. "You are a monster!" A series of laughter followed the voice, making Isla growl again. I turned around to find the source of the voice. My gaze landed on a group of guys that varied in age. The guy that caught my eye was in the center of the group. He was blond and held a similar smirk as those around him. Their amused expressions quickly turned to those of fear as I faced my palm towards them in a threatening manner.

"Would you all like to test me?" My voice dropped about two octaves lower from the anger that was coursing through my veins. All of the guys that were previously laughing shook their heads out of fear. I dropped my arm to my side as I muttered a "good."

I turned back around and walked out the door. I ran into the forest and hid behind a bush, knowing that people were watching from the door I had left open. I made sure no one could see me before stripping out of my clothes. I threw them aside before shifting into my pure white wolf.

The answer to the question as to why I have powers and white fur is unknown. I was born this way and have no family history of this happening to any of my ancestors.

I started running into the woods; the only sounds going through my ears being the sound of twigs snapping under my weight, leaves crunching under me, my erratic heartbeat, and my breathing.

My mind was still racing from all the yelling I had done. I realized that I had yelled at my Dad; my Alpha.

You're so dead when we get home, Isla said, trying her best to bite back a laugh.

Isla, I'm pretty sure I realized that, I told her while rolling my eyes.

You're stupid. You know that, right? There was no doubt in my mind that she was smirking, judging by the tone of her voice in my head.

Yes, I nodded. I know. Now, could you not rub it in? I love Isla. I really do, but she's one of those people that you can easily get sick of. She's a really sweet and humorous person, but be around her too much, and she'll quickly start to annoy you.

Isla didn't say anything after that and I was grateful for her silence. I wasn't really in the mood to snap at yet another person.

I ran in the same direction for about an hour, not paying any attention to my surroundings at all. Everything was so silent, that I was sure you could hear a pin drop.

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