Chapter 20 - Together

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The past few days were a blessing, Jo slept for hours on end and ate veggie soup when she was awake. And the doctor was pleased with her progress, when they went in for the check-up. Dart used the quiet times to arrange things for the promotion of the campaign. Most of the press agreed to sending questions by email and getting the answers sent back to them. A glossy magazine really wants to talk to Jo themselves and offer a big sum to speak to her. So he promised them to discuss it with Jo. He will do some solo stuff too, mostly fit magazines. But basically it is all duo interview stuff. This is all new to him, but it feels like it could be a lot of fun.

Then there's a request by a late night talk show. Tom and Diana really want them on it, but he's not sure what Jo will think of it. And he is quite nervous about it himself. Anything could be asked on shows like that. He also turned down the creepy offers and made a list of all the decent ones. Now all they have to do is wait, until Jo is ready. Both of the designers are waiting for the green light.

He looks up, when he sees the bedroom door open and Jo walks in, wearing one of his shirts. He smiles at her and she walks over to him. Her eyes are still a bit sleepy and her hair is a mess. She crawls onto his lap, hugging him tight. "Hmm, morning handsome man. I am not fully awake yet, so I will just stay here for a while." Dart laughs and kisses her shoulder. Jo leans back to stretch out, while Dart holds her in his arms, looking at her lovingly. "Dart? Could you help me shower? I really want to fix my hair and feel fresh. I want to get dressed normally and maybe even go out for a bit." Dart looks her over and sees a blush on her cheeks and her eyes sparkle a tiny bit. She really is getting better. He says: "Sure. Hold on!" He gets up and Jo wraps her arms and legs around him as he walks towards the bathroom. Dart takes his time, washing her hair and body softly, feeling her body warm up under his hands. Jo smiles at him and leans in for a small kiss. He dries her off with care, and helps her getting dressed. She picks light blue underwear, a sleeveless shirt and skinny jeans. And she sighs happily, the second her feet slide into her army boots. "Ah yes, I feel better already." She winks at Dart and he smiles back at her. She hands him the brush and sits down on the edge of the bed. He starts brushing her hair, carefully getting all the knots out. He braids her hair and kisses her neck softly. "I love that hair of yours." Jo leans back against him and he kisses her temple as he wraps his arms around her. Jo closes her eyes and smiles, enjoying the moment.

"Dart? What about the campaigns? Do we need to discuss stuff?" Dart kisses her cheek and says: "Yeah, we have to discuss some things. Want to do it in the cafe? I know the owner, so I'm sure we can arrange a quiet spot." Jo laughs and says: "Yes, we can go in through the backdoor. I would love to see Jake and Maria." Dart gets up and gathers the list he made, grabs his laptop and his phone. He sends Jake a message, before he locks the door behind him. They walk out together, hand in hand and in a slow pace. Jo smiles wide, glad she is outside and starting to feel normal again. They reach the cafe and walk around the back, seeing Jake standing in the door frame with a wide smile. "Welcome little sis. It is good to see you." He turns around and Dart and Jo go in after him. Maria comes up to Jo and hugs her tight. "I am so glad you are here. I was so worried about you." Jo hugs her back and says: "I am sorry I worried you. But I feel a bit better every day."

Jake points at the kitchen table and says: "Sit down and work on things together, I will get the coffee. And some cheesecake obviously." Jo smiles and sits down with Dart. Dart starts with the list of interview requests and explains it all to Jo. He tells her about the questions for the interviews. He put them all together, so they only have to answer the same question once. He will use the answers later in all the emails he got from various magazines. Jo looks impressed and says: "Wow Dart. You worked hard. Let's answer these questions now, I am curious what they are asking." Dart nods and opens the file he created with all the questions, they range from what their favorite color is to very personal things. He is actually curious himself how Jo will respond to some of them.

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