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It was morning at 9:23, and Dream and Vincent woke up early so they decided it would be a good idea to wake up Zelkam and Spifey.
They went to the couch, nobody was there, then the empty room, still nobody. Then they went to Zelkam's room.

There they were, both on the same bed.
On top of eachother.

"Should we wake them up?" Vincent asked.
And then Zelkam woke up.
"What's with all the noise..??"

Dream couldn't help but chuckle.
"What the..?"

Then Spifey also woke up.
"What is ittt..?"

"Had a good sleep?" Vincent asked.

"Oh shit-"
"Get out!" Spifey said, then he got off of Zelkam and sat on the edge of the bed.

"It's definitely not what you think it is" Zelkam said, who was madly blushing at this point.

"Oh, so it is what we see?" Dream said and smiled.

"YOU KNOW THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT" Zelkam screeched.

"I bet you two smooch before sleeping" Vincent said and did a kissy sound.
"Okay you two better stop before I throw this lamp at you" Spifey announced

"Ok ok sorry" Vincent said.

At 12:46 Dream and Vincent decided to go outside with Zelkam and Spifey, so they went in Zelkam's room.

When they walked in, they didn't see them.
They looked around, they weren't anywhere.
Then they went to the extra room, the were there.
And they were smoochin

"Oh sorry, we'll leave" Dream said, and then ran out with Vincent.

Sorry for this chapter being so short I just think I don't need to make any more chapters, I also completely lost all my motivation that I had before so I think I'll just end the book here, let me know what next book should I make
Maybe Countryhumans? Maybe some Skephalo au? I have no idea for any other chapters so I'm deciding to end the book here
Thank you everybody for being here with me throughout this book, and I hope I talk to some of you sometime later and somewhere else.
Feel free to private message me or go on my profile board to do stuff because yeah..
So I guess this is the end of the book!
Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Bye bye!

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