Chapter 19

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I wanted to spend my time away from William. I sat on the lounge, looking at my phone. I felt kind of uncomfortable after the fighting and shit. But William came into the living room. He hugged me
"I'm sorry miloooooo" I blushed slightly but ignored him still looking at my phone, "oh come on Milo, don't act like that" I still ignored him. He kissed my cheek all over, me just blushing more. Laughing a little.
"Fine, I forgive you" he smiled happily
"Good! But now you gotta do something about those ghosts"
"Yes I know, they're like supposed to be in Jesus land"
"Can I please murder his ass?" Kitty appeared. William looked at her, a little confused and sweated a little.
"Time to get a cock" I said, William blushed darkly
"Milo! No! Not now!" He shouted at me. I rolled my eyes
"Fiiiinnnneeee, but my dicks loading" he rolled his eyes at me
"Later~ But anyway, Kitty, how will You ghosts stop harming Milo?" Kitty walked over to William, whispering something in his ear with Williams eyes widening but nodding. He looked at me as kitty disappeared. He smiled gladly
"I'll tell you what she said later, but I don't know how to be....straight"
"Wut?" I slightly asked, I was confused from that comment, "are you saying you want to straight?" He shook his head
"Definitely not!" He laughed a little, "I was just saying heh" he kissed my head
"Anyway, what do you want to do..?" I asked him. He smiled.

He dragged me into the car.
"Where are we going?" I asked as he hopped into the car smiling.
"You'll seeeeee" He hasn't seemed this happy before. I kind of just glared, but looking outside the window glaring. I didn't really know what he was up to. I was just really confused.

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