The First Mission

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A/N: Guys we were fucking number 1 in the malereader category yesterday. NUMBER. 1. You guys are so fucking awesome and I love every single one of you. I'm so glad you guys are enjoying the story so far and I hope you keep with me. Fair warning: I'm not sure if I wanna do full on sex scenes yet, but I did include a slight lemon here and then the insinuation of what the two characters did. Anyways enjoy! Love you all!


"Hey...has Y/N been acting...weird?" Blake awkwardly asked her group of friends as they sat in the lunchroom trying to figure out what to do. Currently, Y/N sat in the corner farthest away from everyone with his hood up on his newly bought black hoodie and sunglasses on. What was weirder was that no teacher or staff member even questioned it, they just stayed clear of his path. It'd been two days after the incident with Pyrrha, but when both of them had come back, Pyrrha with angry tears and Y/N with new clothes, urges, and a handprint, everyone knew something had happened. RWBY said that maybe he had rejected Pyrrha. JNR guessed the same, but was still trying to get Pyrrha to say what happened. Coco continuously guessed outlandish things while Velvet just stayed out of it.

"You know, now that you mention it." Yang said as she ate a slice of pizza. "He's been avoiding all of us. And not like his usual avoiding, but he'll eventually get fed up and talk to us. He's been like avoiding avoiding. Even Velvet. Which is the biggest shocker."

"I-I'm not too sure what's going on..." Velvet said saddened as her ears flattened. "I thought everything was going so well."

"He does seem odd though." Ren spoke up. "He's been more angry and forceful about things lately. The few times he came out of his room the past two days, any male who got in his way got threatened, insulted, or yelled at. Apparently he's steering clear from the girls as well."

"Ooh maybe he's trying to find a girlfriend after all this time?!" Nora piped up. Pyrrha visibly went from happy to mad as she angrily ate her food. The table just watched her down her entire tray in less than a minute.

"Well...that happened." Yang said surprised. "So Pyrrha! Anything you want to tell us?"

"W-What? Why?" Pyrrha asked startled.

"Dude, he only started acting like this after your guys' date. Which was totally not run by any of us and was extremely unfair." Yang added in. "But the point is, a kitten that hates everyone is not the kitten we want. I thought we were getting somewhere with him and then BAM!"

Yang slammed her hands on the table causing Weiss, Jaune, and Ruby to all jump from surprise.

"He goes back to his original state..." Blake finished off with a hand to her chin. "Pyrrha I think I might know what's wrong with him. Can you please tell us what happened between you two? I could take a guess, but I don't think you'd like it if I got it wrong."

"Oh alright!" Pyrrha sighed in defeat. "Y/N...kissed me."

Yang, Blake, and Velvet all tensed up at Pyrrha's words. Yang looked genuinely shocked, Velvet looked like she was about to cry, and Blake had a terrifying murderous aura around her.

"G-Guys just relax please!" Jaune squeaked out as he was sitting next to Blake. Blake shot him a glare before he shut up and sunk down into his seat.

"That's not all that happened, but I think it was the cause of it." Pyrrha explained. "After the kiss we ran until the reporters couldn't find us anymore. We...we were just having a heart to heart conversation about ourselves until suddenly Y/N get this crazed look in his eyes. His personality completely flipped and he pushed me up against the wall. I think you can guess how it went from there until he stopped and apologized, but I ended up slapping him and walking away."

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