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In a Psychiatric Clinic
Makati, Metro Manila

In a coffee-lit setting with warm tones as the shade, the clinic's design was supposed to calm the patient for the therapy session, except for Agnes whose trip to the psychiatrist isn't about her troubles, but for another reason there is.

"Tell me your concerns," the male psychiatrist started after clocking in the timer. "Go on, tell me what concerns you the most?"

Out of the sudden, Agnes became mesmerized by this doctor's glimmering dark eyes that could stop her entire world. She was too drawn to his eyes that she had forgotten her other purpose inside the therapy room.

"Miss Locsin, did you understand what I said? Narinig po ba ninyo ang sinabi ko?" Repeated the doctor who seems to be just as lost as Agnes.

"Opo! I'm sorry, I had this pounding pain on the back of my head since earlier this morning." Agnes lied, regaining consciousness after finding her way back from being lost in the doctor's luscious stare. "But I'm cleary fine now. Pasensya na po, doc."

"It's fine, no worries." The doctor chuckled, displaying his left dimple that had sunken down deeply on his cheek.

Please, no. She begged in her thoughts.

The jawline. Please stop.

Agnes took a deep breath and bit her lip awkwardly.

Why the heck is he this handsome.

"Umm, well, there's this thing that's been bothering my thoughts for a while now, but-" Agnes stopped, trying to grasp all of her attention into not directing it all into the doctor's attractive face.

"Go on. It's alright, no need to hide it." The attractive doctor once again grinned, and this time he flashed the pearly white teeth that's he's been hiding behind those succulent rose lips.

Omg. Clench that jaw again and witness how I break down into ashes in front of you.

"I never expected this to be so hard." Agnes replied while chuckling like an idiot.

Hard? Matigas ba? Oh shit, keep yourself together, Agnes!

"It'll be hard at first, but once you've open up, it'll be smooth as jelly." Responded the doctor, keeping his precious smile intact.

As Agnes didn't know, she was unconsciously staring at the doctor's thighs when he was responding to her statement.

"Miss Locsin? Are you with me?" He questioned once again, but Agnes being distracted didn't became a nuisance to him, since he has been through all sorts of this. Especially women staring on his well-physique body.

Oh shoot, why am I even staring at those juicy thighs?! Get it together, girl! Bawal ang mga matitigas dito!

Agnes once again tidied herself up and sat upright.

"I just can't seem to understand why something needs to be done in order to fulfill this thing that they expect me to do." Agnes took a deep breath and hand-fanned herself in despair. "I love my life right now, and I think this is the best way to live it. I'm financially stable, I don't need a raise."

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