Who's She?

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Iam poetic, mysterious,lovely and Fun.
Better than everyone.
Life have failed you ,but you had won,
My words soulful they weigh a ton.
Iam the silent moon and the rising sun.

They say,"You are the perfect one".


The look in her eyes
Told me otherwise,

Their is supreme disdain
Telling me who iam.

Her eyes judgemental,
Not a single word,
Had she ever uttered.

But her eyes are ripping my soul apart .

The pain is unbearable,
Cuts became deeper .

Every morning is a challenge,
Which my eyes couldn't bear .

How could I look into her eyes?

Where the deep depths of my soul
Is reflected there.

You may think
Who might she be?

She's the epitome of beauty.
She has right to judge me,
And she's not merciful.

My clothes became dark and
Arm lengths longer .
The cuts , more frequent
And deeper.

I can't anymore,
It's cruel.

Why don't she leave me...
Every morning and night ,
She's there.

Tired, terrified.

I made a decision.

I drew up the curtain ,
To let the last ray of sun enlighten me.

The empty bottle of
Sleeping pills. 
In the corner, are now mere shards of porcelain.

She hadn't left me still.
For once,
She looked ,
Tired and lost .

Her eyes are dull
Cheeks sunken in,
Laid on the floor ,
Shiny hair matted.

She looked like a living corpse.

Late, I realized. . .

She's on the other side of the glass.

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