Chapter 4: A New Journey Begins (Part 4)

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It was evening when they set sail. They had their meal on board, consisting of the most mediocre of dishes, hardtack with a side of salted meat of various origins, like found in the army; often why many soldiers took any opportunity to search better food when encamped.

They later walked the main deck with darkness covering the sky above them. You could feel the winds blown from the north all throughout the ship, sending chills down everyone's spine, reminding them of the fowl place that Greymeria often felt like if not covered in multiple layers of cloth or fur.

When the third night came, things were already becoming tedious. Nothing but water dotted the landscape, and the only sight to be had was the moonlight and stars covering the water's surface like a blanket of shimmer, of glow. However, they knew those sights would only be temporary.

"Be best we sleep. The cold will eat away our skin if we stay any longer." Zoran said, packing away his journal and climbing the ladder down to the lower deck.

Valora ignored Zoran, for she was distracted by the clear waters and open sky full of wondrous stars, light covering the sea.

"Come on, let's go." Theodren said to Valora as he gently grabbed her right hand.

She continued looking at the sky with the starlight reflecting from her ice blue eyes. Theodren approached once more.

"What does it remind you of?" He looked at her, both of them with their hands on the edge of the ship on the main deck.

"This world is vast with so many mysteries that two eyes cannot comprehend. Sometimes they bring joy to an innocent child, while others bring sorrow and rejection." She let out a sigh, with her breath spewing in every direction like a cloud by the cold in each word emitted.

Theodren was confused, but tried to compensate.

"We'll never know where our path might lead us, but we can always hope it'll end with blaze and glory, regardless of the outcome." Theodren grinned back.

Just as quick as he arrived to meet her face, he was gone; returning to the bottom deck as if he released his gentle grip on her hand, not knowing where that grip could ever had led.

On the last approach to night in reaching the coast of that northern land, two weeks; within the calm rest in the silence of the open waters came a loud set of footsteps and voices.

There, beyond those subtle realities of a swaying ship and filthy smells of every member on board, a bang shook the boat to the left and right, causing all inhabitants nearing sleep to spring out from their beds. It was from the ship's head it seemed, and there the captain came down the ladder weapons in hand, shield on his left, sword sheathed also on his left, and right gripped on a creaking ladder.

"We are under attack by sea raiders! Take cover; and to those who've been trained in arms, come with me!" He ordered.

"Sea raiders?" Sven said undeniably nervously, shock and confusion awakened on his face.

Around in the dark of the lower deck you could hear many voices becoming aware of the situation, as frightened as Sven; little children beginning to cry, though comforted by their mothers.

"Well, that means us." Zoran said to the others calmly.

"What would sea raiders want with a passenger ship?" Sven asked, beginning to panic.

"Slaves, likely. Hostages to keep their wealth running." Theodren replied just as calmly as his brother, though more focused.

A young girl approached them during their conversation, a child-like hand a gentle grip to Carrion's coat, whispering in a soft voice, "What's going to happen to us?"

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