Chapter 4: A New Journey Begins (Part 3)

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At their arrival, outside the city gates from a route they weren't familiar with, there looked to be a grave yard. Carrion seemed uneasy at the sight, at least to the eyes of everyone else.

"You alright, Carrion?" Valora asked.

"It's nothing." Carrion quickly returned, hastening his horse's speed into the city gates, showing their Drakon emblem to the gate guards to avoid questioning.

They continued into the town: sailors, shop keepers, farmers from outside the hold, fishermen holding nets in hand and a stench of seawater, banging metal from blacksmiths; sounds competing in volume crowded the streets and buildings.

They went nearby a broken down shop to the right of them. There at the rusted hinged doorway was a sign, barely held with nails, faded letters and paint on its surface, unreadable. Carrion looked vividly at it, and to each call Theodren tried asking of him, he was not phased.

They continued on in the streets, with Carrion gripped firmly to his stallion's lead.

They reached the harbor after setting their horses aside in the stables, paying the admission fee, and later for the voyage.

With nothing else to do but wait for their departure, they began talking among each other. Theodren and Sven while standing, hair swaying in the wind, looking more like brother's than Zoran. Zoran remained by himself and his journal, leaning against a wall; his ink pen firmly in grip, focused to whatever he was writing. Valora saw Carrion sitting alone on a bench, so she sat next to him, looking at he stared blankly to the cold waves beyond them.

"I don't expect you to say anything, I know. Whatever it was that brought you to this point was a hard thing to endure, and there's no shame in that." Valora began, holding onto his right shoulder as she sat down beside him on the dock bench. "I just wish I knew, so I could know how I may help you, how I could make those memories that haunt you no longer feared."

"You can't. Not now." Carrion got up, walking to the edge of a dock, Valora surprised by his remark; looking up to him while still sitting. "Perhaps I will find that closure one day, but like you and your struggles, it is just not our time yet."

His partly grey and dark brown hair laid long down the back of his neck, swaying in the wind of the waves, with the crashing of water as it hit the shores.

"Well, I suppose you're right, but whose to blame for trying?" Valora smiled lightly at Carrion as she stood beside him, staring also to the distance.

The captain gave his call, and just as the boat was packed with passengers and supplies, so too were they to meet the coast's edge, to the waves and shivering isles beyond them....

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