Episode 52: A Second Ball

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Del and I were outside

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Del and I were outside. Del was getting antsy again and I wanted to enjoy my hammock and the nice weather. Honey was seemingly sunbathing by Del.

It was nice. It rained for like two days straight before this. Honey only went outside to relieve herself if she absolutely had to.

Ame came through the gate.

"Did you need something?" Del raised his eyebrows.

I sat up.

Ame came and knelt in front of me. "You remember the ball from last year, right?"

"How could I forget that?" I asked.

Del looked at her sideways and Honey came to my side.

"It's tonight. Did you want to go? You could just go with your brother and find your own dates once you get there."

"It's the same time as last year, right?"

Ame nodded.

"I have to figure out what I want to do. Feel free to go do whatever you did after you left last year."

Ame then left.

"Do you want to go?" Del asked.

Honey whimpered. She remembered that I wasn't happy when I came home last year.

"Of course, I want to. I wanna do other stuff. It's just been so hard since you got me out of that place."

"Then we'll go." He came and hugged me. "I'll do whatever you want."

I tilted my head. "Do you—?"

Del looked like he just ate a hot pepper. "I need to call Hannah."

I put my hand over my mouth and laughed. I wasn't surprised. Whatever he had when left probably didn't fit anymore. If he wanted to buy something, he needed her help seeing as neither of us had any money of our own.

"Have fun!" I smiled. "I'm gonna shower!"

I did just that. It was nice. I normally just got in and out. This time, I took my time. In that moment, I could see why my sisters liked to do this on special occasions.

Del was on our bed when I got out.

"Hannah is incredible."

I laughed at his comment. We knew that already.

"She gave me some stuff for you, too." He flicked at the suitcase on the bench.

Honey was sniffing it. It seemed to confuse her.


I went into my closet. I already had something to wear from last year. It had to still be here. Why would anyone want to raid my closet? Cyan and the boys couldn't fit into my clothes at all.

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