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Thank you for sticking with this book till the very end!

I hope to write more Klance in the future. Just have to get a few idea's for a few of them. I have an idea for one and that's the babysitting one.

I want to Thank my cousin The_Silver_Luna for encouraging me to write this book.

I would highly recommend to read her book! It's amazeballs.

Again, thank you for ready this book! I'm glad you liked it. Thank for the comments as well!


And enjoy the last part~~~~~~

"Mom!" A shout rang out through the house.

"Yes Georgia?" Keith asked as he sat at the table drinking a coffee.

The teenager stormed into the kitchen. "Will you tell dad to let me go out with Chris?!"

"Hunny, just let her go out with the dude." Keith said amused.

"Why should I?" Lance asked waking into the kitchen. "Just because it's her soulmate doesn't mean I trust him quickly."

"Dad!" Georgia said crossing her arms. "Come on! You let Aunt Kora go out with Alec!"

"That's different." Lance said quickly. "You're my daughter. Just because you're 17 doesn't mean you can go out and do random crap. So I think you should stay here and forget about boys!"

Keith sighed. "Lance, just let her go on this date. She's been waiting for it all week."

Lance and Keith had a stare down for a minute before Lance caved in.

"Fine." Lance mumbled. "But I want to be updated. You need to be back before 10:30 pm. If he does anything or touches you in the wrong way, don't hesitate to call."

"Alright." Georgia smiled. "Thank you daddy."

"Welcome Georgy." Lance smiled.

A knock on the door rang out through the house.

"Can I meet him first?" Lance questioned.

"No." Georgia said immediately running to the door. "Bye mom! Bye dad! Love you!"

"Be back before 10:30! I mean it! I will hunt you two down!" Lance shouted before the door was slammed shut.

"What was that all about?" Sofia asked walking into the room her parents were in.

"Your sister." Lance grumbled as he took a seat across from Keith. "And boys."

"You mean Chris?" Sofia questioned.

Sofia and Georgia were close. Two peas in a pod. They told each other everything.

"How do you know him?" Lance asked furrowed his brows at the girl.

"I met him once or twice." Sofia shrugged. "He's a really nice guy and handsome."

"That doesn't help." Lance told the 16 year old. "I need more than that."

"You'll have to talk to Georgia about it." Sofia told him waving her hand around. "It's not my place to say anything. Not my soulmate."

Keith sighed. "Where are your brother's?"

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