Chapter 33

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The array of rings couldn't make up for the lack of words coming from Benji's mouth. He honestly didn't know where to start. An older man stood at the counter, with a small stubble coating the bottom of his chin. With his age, the prince assumed he was an expert in this area, his hands holding up his weight on the clear counter. Seconds after walking in he realized it wasn't just a ring store, countless earrings and necklaces covered the walls, but the bands full of diamonds seemed front and center in the glass case. The older man nodded a slight hello, asking if there was anything he could assist with.

"I-I'm getting a ring for someone..." Benji stuttered, taking his time moseying up to the front counter. A metallic smell seemed to waft through the air, following the hit of a strong fa breeze container. It was overpowering. But even with his hesitation, Camilla ushered him forward, practically shoving him into the glass. There had to have been at least a hundred différent rings in the case, ranging from ones with fat diamonds to simple bands. And while Benji had access to thousands of dollars, he wanted to keep it simple. It was a promise ring anyways, the real deal would come later. He knew it.

"I see you're eyeing this side, any particular color? Shape? Design?" The man asked, drifting over to where his eyes were set. He didn't seem to recognize Benji, which made the whole transaction easier.

"Oh, yeah, I was thinking more simple, it's just a promise ring."

"Nothings 'just a promise ring', it's still special no matter what." He made air quotes, adding to his observation. "Now would she like a more toned down one? Or maybe a small diamond?"

"Well... he's got a gold bracelet I got him awhile ago, maybe there's a band to match that?" Benji didn't mean to enunciate his words, but the older man didn't seem to notice and took it in stride.

Camilla was at the other side of the case, looking at the arrangement of diamonds on top of diamonds on rings. Benji's eyes darted over to her, and a smile curled up on the ends of his lips.

She always was fond of this stuff. I'm practically the opposite.

"Cammy, c'mere." He gestured for her to walk over, questioning her about the rings. "Which is the gold ones would look the best? I was thinking a thinner one..." He pointed to the gold ones on the end, ranging in thickness and thin.

"Honestly Benji, he's gonna like anything. You don't need to worry." He hadn't even realized his leg was bouncing furiously beneath the counter. "But that thinner one seems to fit you two." Her finger pressed up against the glass, leaving a small print in its place as she took it away. Benji grinned, giddiness arising in him.

"Is that the one?" The man behind the counter asked, sliding open the glass to grab it. Benji nodded, excited to just hold it. As it was placed into his palms, the reality of it all set in. Was this actually happening? Could this be going onto his finger tonight?

"We have the same ring in the back, I'm guessing you'd want matching ones?" Benji nodded, keeping his eyes fixated on the piece of gold in front of him. He turned it in his fingers, noting a little gap on the back, he assumed for adjustability. It was on the thinner side, but still held its weight, and a reflection. Camilla looked over his shoulder, her eyes beaming with a sense of joy only the two understood.

Her hands slid around his neck, pulling the boy close. "Oh, Benji." She said, running her hand through his hair. "I can't believe you're actually doing this..." She said, not meaning it in a bad way. "You really love him, don't you?" Benji could hear her smile.

"I really do." And they pulled away, Benji setting the band back on the glass for the older man to put in a box.

His knee seemed to bounce even more as they made the transaction, excitement running through his veins. Benji didn't realize it at the time, but his cross necklace hung out on his chest, swaying with his movements. The man's eyes got caught on it for a second, before he shook his head and got back to the cash register. It was a small movement, but Benji's eyes darted to Camilla and they shared a look of worry.

As the man handed the small paper bag carrying the rings, Benji let out a small 'thank you' grinning ear to ear at this point. The man smiled back respectfully, his head bowing a little before he spoke.

"You're welcome, Your Highness."

And off they went, into the darkening abyss.

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