Chapter VI- Let's Stay Together

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I pull up outside of a motel called the 'Early Riser' in Corinth, Georgia, where the population was only 219. The room was basically smacked in the middle of the small town. I got a room and parked outside of room 17. I grab all of my bags out of the backseat and walk up to the door. I unlocked it and stepped inside. It wasn't bad for a cheap motel, but it wasn't the best either. I throw all of my stuff onto the bed and pull out my cell phone. I had two missed calls from Bobby and one from an unknown number. I called Bobby back and decided to forget about the unknown call, it was probably a telemarketer.

"Layla?" I hear Bobby's scruffy voice say. I sigh, I miss him already.

"Yeah, it's me. I made it here all right." I heard Bobby shuffling around on the other end and I make a confused face. "Bobby, what are you doing?" I ask and he let out a breathy laugh.

"Trying to figure out what the Winchester boys are huntin'. They called and wanted to know if I could figure this out for them. It almost sounds identical to your case." He tells me and I smile, but it immediately turns it into a frown. Oh, God. They better not be in the same place as me.

"So what do you think it is?" I ask. Bobby gets silent for a few minutes.

"I got a big steaming plate of nothing right now, but I'll get it eventually, don't worry." He says and I guess that's it.

"Okay... well, Bobby I have to get to it. I'm about to go check out the corpses down at the hospital. I'll talk to you later." I say.

"Alright, call me if you get anything." Bobby finishes and I hang up. I throw my phone down on the bed and unzip my luggage case. I pull out my black dress and get out my detective name tag. Bobby has trained me on how to talk to people when, well, "playing" this role. I was well prepared.

I bring my black dress into the bathroom and take a shower, scrubbing my scalp and body after the long car ride made me feel like a new person. I dry off and put on the slim dress. I looked at it in the mirror and think about how it doesn't suit me. I shrug and blow dry my hair, pulling it back into a tight blonde pony tail when finished. I put on my black heels and stumble over to the bed to grab my badge and my phone. I get the key to my room and my car and walk out. I make sure the door's locked before turning to my car and unlocking it. I slide into the driver's seat and start the car.

Once at the hospital, I compose myself and make sure that I can keep my cool before entering. I'm pretty sure that I've got my lines down, I'm just nervous.

I walk in with confidence, going up to the counter to speak with the nurse on duty.

"Agent Whitney with the San Antonio Detective Agency, could you please direct me to the morgue." I say, raising my eyebrows in a moody way. The man barely looks at my ID before telling me where to go. I turn to follow his directions, letting out a deep breath and practically skipping away.

Once outside of the morgue, I walk in and flash the women on duty my badge. I introduce myself and they lead me to the correct bodies.

The two women who were killed were named Nancy Buckham and Laine Duridge. I try not to look squeamish as I examine the two for clues as to anything strange that could've been the reason for their death. F

It's not like I haven't seen two dead people before, but the way these two look is just disturbing on another level. They're torn apart, almost. Their flesh is ripped and looks as if it could fall off in a breeze.

"They were a lesbian couple, lived together and everything. So sad, they'd just adopted a little boy. He's 'bout... Seven years old." She says, staring sadly at me. I only nod, not knowing what to say. The lady showing me the bodies can tell it's making me sick and covers them up. I thank her, and quickly leave, feeling as if I might vomit if I don't leave quickly. Hopefully my next stop isn't as gruesome.

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