Chapter Eleven: A Trip

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Simon's POV
We we're in front of Violet's door. "Hospital's are quite busy these days. This is the only room available for Violet to stay in." Dean said, he put his hand on the doorknob and twist it open. We went inside the room and saw Violet sitting up on the bed.

She had her arm lifted and was examining her injuries. She looked up at us, her face turning into a deep scowl. Her eyes were full of malice and hatred. "What do you want?" She asked, she let her hand fall down.

I stepped forward and answered, "I wanted to see you, to see if you we're okay." I gave her a smile. She looked away from us and looked across the wall, trying to avoid any eye contact. "I'm fine, thanks. Now leave me alone." She said, toneless.

I stepped closer this time, "We're not leaving until you tell us what happened, Violet." I narrowed my gaze, going closer until my hands brush through the soft blanket of the bed that was hangingat the side of the bed.

She looked up at me, "I-i fought someone, that's all Simon. Now leave." She said, her voice getting tight. "Violet, i know your nervous but you need to open up to us." I said in a gentle tone, reassuring her.

She looked past me, her scowl going back on. She looked back up at me again, her scowl forming into a frown. "Why are you doing this Simon? Why are you so desperate? This...this people," she pointed at them and sigh.

"This people were the cause of all this!" Violet hissed at them. A hand was placed on my shoulder from behind as i stepped back. Abigail stepped forward and stared at Violet, her expression was calm as ever. "I know you hate us...i know that you're just trying to protect your brother. But..."

Abigail let out a sigh and continued on, "This is another person's life at stake, someone he loves." Abigail whispered those last words, her voice suddenly tightening.

Violet bit her bottom lip, her frown disappeared into a scowl once again. Violet crossed both of her arms and let out a deep sigh as she looked down. After a minute of silence, she looked back up at us.

"Leave. Do whatever you want, but don't ever crawl back half dead, Simon." Violet glared. She closed her eyes, not wanting to be disturbed any longer as we made our way out of the room.

Dean looked at me at the corner of his eye, his lips curving into a smile. "You seem like in a excellent state, Simon." Dean laughed. I smiled back at him, "I'm quite ready if you ask me." I replied, "That's great," Abigail nod her head.

She had her phone at her hand, the screen reflecting in her eyes. She looked up at me, "Since you're in a good a state, you win yourself a trip to Paris." Abigail announced, making my face lit up like a child who opened his Christmas gifts.

I stepped forward, "You found it?" I asked in disbelief. "Yes." Abigail nod again, "But the location is still encrypted. We're still getting onto that, Simon." Dean intervened, his arms crossed.

"When will i be leaving then?" I asked, my tone betraying me as i sounded desperate. Dean chuckle, "Good question," he gave me a closed-eyed smile.

He flutter his eyes open and answered, "Tonight."

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