Chapter 24- my world

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Jacks POV
The boys and I are sitting in the waiting room. It's been 3 days since Zach was put into the hospital. I haven't slept all these days. All the boys haven't. I have been crying so much and I don't know how I haven't ran out of tears. It all feels too familiar. Zach's been in the hospital so many times.

The boys have been comforting me. Gabbie has swung by quiet a few times to check on everyone but she's really busy at her new job. Christina is flying out today to see Corbyn and check on Zach. I decide to grab my diary and write.

Dear diary,
Zach's in the hospital. He has a chance of not making it. Why does it have to happen to him? Not me? I love him to much and I can't lose him. Without him I don't know what I'd do. He's so amazing. Every time he walks in a room the mood changes into a happy place. If I'm sad or mad he can cheer me up. And he's just so caring. He wants to make sure everyone is okay at all times. He doesn't care about himself and only cares about others. He's the most beautiful, joyous guy I've met. When I look into his eyes I fall even more in love with him than I already am. He's my everything. My world. Please don't let me lose him.

-Jack Avery

Jacks POV
It felt good to express my feelings out on paper. I re-read it and start to cry. Jonah comes rushing next to me and engulfs me into a hug. I cry into the crook of his neck. His hugs always make me feel better but not this time. The only thing that can cheer me up now is Zach. And he's not here right now. I cry even harder. I'm missing my second half. It's hurting me so bad. I just want this all to be over. I want Zach to be okay and happy.

Zach's POV (bet you didn't expect that huh?)
I wake up. I can't remember anything. I sit up from my bed. I hear a beeping noise and I turn and see my body. It looks lifeless. There's needles in my arms and and an oxygen mask on my face. I suddenly remember everything. I see a doctor come in. "Um..hi?" I say. The doctor doesn't even look at me. He keeps walking. He's about to bump into me until he walks right through me. What the hell?  I turn to see the doctor insert another Iv into my body. I go towards the door and reach for the door knob. My hand goes right through it. It's weird. The doctor leaves. I go over to my body and stare at it. It kinda hurts to see your half dead body just laying there.
I hear the door open to reveal the love of my life. He looks so tired and like he's been crying. I go over to hug him but he walks past me. I feel a tear slip down my face. Jack goes to my body and puts his hand in mine.
"Please don't leave me Zach." Is all I hear him say before he starts to sob. I start to cry as well. I want to tell him I'm okay, but I can't.

Hey guys! Hope you like this chapter. I just want to say thanks for all the love and support you guys are giving this book. I love you all💘

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