Day shakes her head to dismiss the all too vivid images Chancen's tale evokes. "Ok, so, you're here to teach me how not to kill anyone with this thing. I'll take it. You mentioned something called other sight?"

Chancen stretches his long legs and wipes bits of grass off his pants. "Yes, I believe I did. Half these lessons will teach you control of the blade. The other half will consist of learning to view the energy around you. This ability allows you to see beyond your normal vision. You can't manipulate the energies, the way a mage does, but being conscious of their existence comes in handy. Especially in the dark."

Day's head swims with an overdose of strange information. "Chancen, I wish I could tell you I understand, but I don't. This stuff doesn't exist on my world outside of people's imaginations. How about we work in steps. Step one: leaving people's heads attached to their necks, alright?"

"Sounds like a plan. Alright, step one is learning to control your weapon so it doesn't trigger accidentally during periods of intense emotions."

Chancen rises with all the grace of a dancer and roots around the area for - well she doesn't know. He creates a pile of twigs, stones, and a variety of seeds and instructs her to stand in the center of the training area.

He picks up a seed, checks its weight a moment, draws his arm back, and pitches it at her. Day dodges, gaping at him. Chancen's actually throwing things at her! More items quickly follow the first. Day yelps as they make contact. Even pitched at top speed, the twigs simply thud against her exoskeleton. The harder seeds and much harder rocks, however, sting when they hit their target, leaving her scowling in frustration.

Is he enjoying himself at her expense? Physically expressing his distaste at her presence here in the city? No, can't be right. He's nothing but polite. So what is this?

Her thoughts wander back to her gym, more specifically, the children's classes. One of the games they played to develop hand-eye coordination involves kicking hacky sacks out of the air. This is the same concept, except it isn't her coordination he's developing. A twig bounces off of Day's head, sticking in her short hair for the length of time it takes to pull it out. Day drops into a fight stance, left leg forward, swiping at the next object with her forearm. It flies off to the right and rolls against the packed earth of the training area.

"Ah, a glimmer of understanding. Good."

After batting a few rocks out of the air, Day's thankful for the hard shell covering her forearms. Those projectiles would leave her covered in bruises otherwise. Though they'd hurt a lot less if she managed to activate the sword.

Her hand tingles, as if to say you have but to ask.

What was she doing when it appeared yesterday? Oh yeah, a spin ending in a back fist to the face. She was pretty fired up from the sparring session, not to mention angry at herself for getting her leg caught not once, but twice.

Day clenches her jaw in determination. Chancen's cobalt eyes sparkle. He chooses a stick the width of her wrist as his next projectile.

Time slows to a crawl.

Day's heart beats a pulsating cadence inside her head. Ba-bump. Chancen's arm pulls back. Ba-bump. The stick launches into the air. Ba-bump. It flips end over end on a collision course with her face.


Oh hell no, this isn't happening!


Sweat trickles down her forehead. Day screams a challenge and spins as the stick enters her strike zone.


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