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Day's spirits rise considerably after leaving Lyrissa's stillroom and not even Skye's constant glowering breaks her mood. And how Skye growls! The warrior isn't coherent, leading Day through the training grounds like some feral beast, not a fairy from a supposedly civilized city.

People wave at the Commander, Skye growls. Others attempt a good morning, Skye growls. Even Shella isn't safe from the grumbles of her guide. The surly woman settles against the trunk of a tree, arms crossed tightly, burning gaze fixed on Day. It reminds her of a child she once babysat. He acted the same way when she forced him outside away from his games.

Shella glances over inquiringly. "Something's crawled up DL's butt and died there I think." Day whispers to the cat lady.


Day's bound and determined to spread the nickname until Skye quits referring to her as "the bug."

"Dragon Lady for short."

Shella smirks. "Alright Day, time to work on your landing."

And work they do. Shella coaches her through the necessary steps for safe landings. Once Day nails the basics, the trainer leads her through the canopy. They land on random branches, some the size of small trunks back on Earth, others with enough room for her feet and nothing more. Day's entire body quivers with tension. She wipes away the sweat dripping into her eyes.

"Don't look down. Don't look down. Shit, I looked down!"

"Day, relax. You can fly, remember?"

"Right, falling doesn't mean dropping like a stone to my doom. Got it. I can fly. That's what these wings are for. I won't fall." The personal pep talk has Shella hiding a smile behind her hand.

The task is much easier after the reminder. Day has the impression her body knew what to do from the start and was simply waiting for her mind to catch up. She finishes her flight training with a pair of stiff shoulder blades and an intense feeling of satisfaction.

"You're a natural, dear. Be sure to use the balconies now!" Shella waves before running off to teach another set of students.

Day stares wistfully after Shella, mourning the loss of combat training. After yesterday, she'll be surprised if they ever allow her to spar again. "So DL, what's next?"

Skye pushes off the tree, the ever present growl rumbling in her words. "I was told someone would be along for some special training. Don't know who, but I hope they won't keep me waiting." Sounds like my guide has somewhere to be. Mind you, Skye's had somewhere to be since yesterday morning.

"Sister dear, scowl any harder and your face will freeze that way. Or is it already too late?" Skye mocks the speaker. Day spins to face the familiar voice while forcefully holding in a happy dance. An amused grin lights Chancen's handsome features. "I'll take over for a few hours Skye. Go join those elite flyers of yours." Skye doesn't wait to be told twice. She salutes her brother and takes off at the proverbial speed of light.

"Wait what? Sister? Oh you poor dear!" Right, according to the dreams, they're siblings. I know this, but they don't know I know. Hard to imagine this gentle man and grumpy woman growing up together in the same house.

"Yeah, took some getting used to. Not like I had a choice. My parents were busy, what with two boys of the same age and a much younger girl. Fox and I learned to fly around the time Skye was busy pretending she could. Between her near misses and our troublesome antics, it's no wonder they accepted those positions at the East outpost once we were all tucked under the army's protective wings!"

Day blinks stupidly. "Fox is your brother?" What is this, some sort of fire and ice pair?

Chancen chuckles. "No Lady... I mean Day. My parents raised him after his disappeared. We're as good as brothers in every sense of the word, if not closer."

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