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Hey everyone, it's my birthday today, which is a bit strange. I started wattpad when I was seventeen (on a different account) and now I'm twenty-four, which means  I've been on this site for seven years. It's so crazy. But anyway, thank you all for reading, please vote and comment on the chapter if you liked it, which I hope you do!



There is something that is nearly morbidly illegal about waking up early on a vacation day. Why, yes, I've been waking up around eleven in the morning to one in the afternoon all of spring break week and turning down plans to go out with Diane and her girlfriend (look at it this way, they have more time to go out on dates) and Carlos (because I'm going to see that dumbass on the weekend anyway).

I mean I have not become a complete shut-in yet, I did let Diane specifically drag me out to go video game shopping and to take some Instagram pictures with, and, honestly, she's a goddess, so I don't regret anything of that sort. Ethan and I did see each other for little coffee meet up, as well, but I've tried to use Spring break to sleep as much as I can, watch as many shows in Netflix, and simply spend some time with my child.

Child that is currently sleeping on the kitchen table, purring away with no care in the world.

Man, it'd be so nice to just be a house cat.

"You're up early." Dad yawns, entering the kitchen. "Did you fall off your bed?"

I glare at the microwave clock, marking five-thirty in the morning.

"No, they told us to be ready by now." In all honesty, Anna had never told us at what time we were going to leave for the cabin, or where exactly the lake was. She had just called me, and the rest of the members I'm assuming, sometime around four in the morning with the cheeriest of voices.

"Good morning ray of Sunshine, get ready because Scott is going to start picking you guys up in an hour and a half or so."

People that are as happy as Anna is in the morning really make me wonder if life is worth living if I haven't found that secret of life.

So here I am, dark circled half-dead creature sipping some coffee, sitting on the kitchen counter while throwing daggers at the clock with my eyes.

Dad snorts, taking the coffee pot and serving himself a cup. "You didn't even comb your hair did you?"

"Um no," I am aware I do look like I rolled out of bed, and the simple explanation to that is: I did. There's no way in fresh hell that I will apologize for it. "But I'll just throw it in a bun later."

"How long will you guys be gone?" Big props to my dad for being up this early, all dressed up to work and still have enough energy to worry about his daughter's school trips.

"Sunday afternoon."

"Well, mucho cuidado. You got the pepper spray I bought you?"

"Yep, always carry it with me."

"That's my girl."

As we're taking a drink from our coffees my phone vibrates.

Carlos: Yo, we're parked outside your house, come out.

"Bueno, Papi, I need to go." I put my cup next to me before jumping off the kitchen counter and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Okay corazón, take care. Don't drown on the lake and tell Carlos if anything happens I'm coming for him." I stop by the chair where Concha is sleeping to plant a kiss on top of her head, which I'm sure she does not necessarily appreciate it, but that I need to do nonetheless for moral support.

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