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"Taehyung-ah? Come here," Seokjin called out, glancing behind him for a brief second to face the younger, since he'd just finished placing Jungkook's breakfast down on the tray.

"What is it?" the servant asked, pacing over to the elder.

"Jimin isn't here so you go and take Kook's breakfast for him," Jin said, his eyes flickering over to the clock pinned up against the kitchen wall. "Hurry up. It's already late."

Taehyung stared at the male with widened eyes, as his words caused his stomach to flip a few times. The last thing he wanted to do was converse with Jungkook: he'd been actively avoiding him for the past day after Jimin's confession, in fear that if Jimin wasn't lying, the two could potentially get into serious trouble.

"What?" he asked dumbly, taking the tray from Seokjin, who only tutted at him in disapproval before pushing him over towards the door.

"It isn't difficult to understand, Taehyung. Go on," he instructed, closing the door once he successfully directed the boy outside the kitchen.

Meanwhile, the blue-haired boy glanced down at the full tray of food, the delicious aromas wafting up to his face which caused his stomach to churn. He realised he hadn't had much to eat during the past few days, due to the fact he'd been extremely occupied with cleaning up after Jennie, avoiding the King and Jungkook as well as helping Seokjin and Jimin with their chores.

He couldn't quite believe the Prince wasn't given that much to eat for breakfast. The three mini plates situated on the tray were stacked with pastries, pancakes, fruits and toast which the servant hadn't even had the privilege to taste in his entire life.

Whilst walking over to Jungkook's chambers, Taehyung's mind went back to his friend's teasing words: "Jungkook likes you."
The thought of those three words coming out of the Prince's mouth caused the boy's insides to flutter with nerves, although he continuously attempted to condemn himself from feeling any sort of childish excitement over Jungkook.

Finally standing outside the boy's door, Taehyung raised his hand towards the wooden frame of the door to announce his presence, however he found himself pausing for a brief second, unable to proceed to knock.

He felt nervous.

Yet, Taehyung forced himself to swallow the lump in his throat as he brought his fist down against the door, calling out the Prince's name softly.


Jungkook, meanwhile, had his face buried deep into the pillow as he snored softly, the sensation of sheer fatigue taking over his entire body.

That night had been one of the only nights Jungkook managed to get a full night's sleep without waking up halfway through the night, which ended up in the Prince having enough hours of rest, although it was cut off by the sound of an unfamiliar, deep voice sounding out from behind the door.

"Sir? I have your breakfast," the voice said gently, causing the Prince to stir in his sleep slightly, before he opened his eyes, frowning once the bright light poured into his vision.

"Who is it?" he called out groggily, expecting to witness Jimin barging into his room with his tray of food,

"It's Taehyung, sir. Seokjin sent me."

Immediately after hearing these words, Jungkook shot out of bed, his eyes widening in surprise. "Hold on," he ordered firmly, mustering up an authoritative tone, despite the fact that internally he felt nervous.

Taehyung remained quiet, waiting patiently outside the door although his arms were beginning to ache from holding the heavy tray continuously, whilst Jungkook rushed around his room, throwing a loose shirt over his muscular frame.

Combing his fingers through his hair in attempt to fix his disheveled appearance, the boy took a fleeting glance at himself in the mirror before going over to the door, swinging it open.

Taehyung stared up at him as he held out his tray of food awkwardly, not quite knowing what to say in front of the Prince. He felt at loss of words. The sight of Jungkook seemed to cause him to be left speechless, hence why he earned a questioning look from the Prince in return.

"Where's Jimin?" the younger asked, stepping towards the side to allow Taehyung through, which the servant complied to, setting the tray down against the wooden table situated in the centre of the Prince's bedroom.

"He's ill, Sir. I thought you already knew."

"It wasn't as if I'd listen," Jungkook replied, successfully maintaining his nonchalant facade. He wouldn't let the servant become aware of how shaken up he seemed to feel each time he stood in front of the blue-haired boy. The fact that he knew Taehyung was capable of enough of possibly breaking down his walls terrified him beyond measure, which only confirmed the fact he wouldn't showcase his vulnerability.

"Oh," Taehyung said simply, suddenly feeling awkward. He could feel his cheeks heat up at the silence surrounding the pair moments later, before he opened his mouth again, this time grasping eye contact with Jungkook. "Thank you by the way. I didn't have time to say it two days ago, but I really appreciate what you did for me."

Jungkook nodded in response, knowing the boy was referring to his abrupt outburst at the royals for bruising his cheek. A feeling of bliss began to creep inside his body after realising Taehyung appreciated how he'd clearly cared for him after witnessing the harm on his face, despite his efforts of wishing to push the feeling of attraction towards the servant aside.

Each time he spoke to Taehyung, it seemed to be completely impossible. Looking at the bronze-skinned beauty, Jungkook couldn't help but internally gawk at how stunning he was. He thought his appearance fitted one of a royal, since he virtually had no flaws on him.

"That's alright," he said, his eyes settling down upon the evidently embarrassed boy. "Anyway, thank you for the breakfast," he continued, signalling to the piled tray.

"Seokjin made it all," Taehyung quickly said, not wanting to take all the credit for the elder's hard-work. "I only brought it here."

Jungkook wanted to laugh at his change in demeanour. Days ago, he'd never dream to thank a servant for bringing him food, since it was simply their duty, yet here he was feeling as if every single fibre in his body was forcing him to shower Taehyung in every compliment imaginable.

"I should go," the servant stated, biting against his bottom lip in agitation. He knew that if Jennie or any royals learned he'd been with the Prince, he'd get more than a bruising. It was clear that after Jungkook argued with the King, they were slightly suspicious of how the seemingly heartless Prince was so quick to defend a mere servant.

Jungkook nodded for a second time, permitting the boy to leave. However, it wasn't until Taehyung turned around and the boy's frail figure came into full view that Jungkook realised the servant probably hadn't had enough to eat. As a Prince, he was well aware that servants barely had enough to consume daily, which meant the skinniness of Taehyung's body didn't come as a surprise.

Taehyung's facial bones stuck out prominently once he turned his neck, as well as his backbones causing the fabric of his clothes to dent out in odd angles.

"Taehyung," he suddenly called out, once the boy reached the doorway. "Jimin usually keeps me company for breakfast," he said, despite the fact this was a lie. He thrived in his own company, hence why he often practically kicked Jimin out of his own room daily. "But since he isn't here, do you want to stay?"

Jungkook felt as if he needed to offer Taehyung food. It wasn't as if the boy was at the brink of starvation, but he was clearly malnourished. His sudden caring attitude towards the blue-haired male even caught him by surprise, although he couldn't help but feel contentment after witnessing Taehyung awkwardly nod his head, a small smile plastered across his face as he walked back into the room to accept the Prince's offer.

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