We found you

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"Hyungies,I love you all please don't leave me"
A boy said to his boyfriends
"Of course sweetheart" One of them said
"Of course I wouldn't leave our baby" One of them said looking at the others boy making the rest agree....
/Flashback end/

That was the last time they heard that voice and the last time seeing the boy.

Now they are standing in front of a grave with the
name written on it

Jeon Jeongguk

They were sad seeing the grave again and having flashbacks of what happened to him that night of August.

BTS is now celebrating their anniversary with their Gukkie...
Jeongguk was very excited because he gets to have fun with his boyfriends even though they always have fun but this is different they get to go outside and go to the mall or amusement park.
Time skip

We had so much because we get to see our baby having fun...Now we were heading to our car when suddenly.... Gukkie saw some ice cream he then turned to us.
"Hyungies let's go get ice cream" He said excitedly while looking at us with his big doe eyes.
How can you say no to that eyes...
"OK baby, let's get your ice cream" Jimin said

We then started walking towards the ice cream shop when suddenly a black van stopped in front of us....
Two men in black and mask got out the van and immediately grabbed Jeongguk who started screaming but the guys covered his mouth and pushed him to the van.
We tried fighting them but their to strong,
Yoongi and Namjoon tried grabbing Jeongguk while the rest of us distract the guys but more guys in black were at the van.
They all pushed us and then they drove away we stood up to try and run after the van but the van started driving faster making it impossible for us to chase it..

Hoseok then called the cops and we were worrying about what will happen to Jeongguk.

Time skip

The cops told us that they will do everything to find our baby.
They also told us to go home while they find Jeongguk....

2 weeks later

Jimin's PoV

It's been 2 weeks but they still didn't find Jeongguk and now we're more worried...

We were watching TV when suddenly a news came up....

Jin hyung told Taehyung to turn the volume up so he can hear from the kitchen.

Breaking news
A boy was found at an alley naked and beaten up.

The boy was told to be missing for 2 weeks and was not identified yet because of the bruises on his face

The boy was r*ped and was confirmed to be pregnant by his boyfriend's child.

The boy was also kidnapped like what happened to BTS Jeongguk but we still don't know who the boy is-

Yoongi hyung turned the TV  off before the reporter could finish.

"I don't want to hear it" Yoongi hyung said
He have a blank face but I know that he is worried.

We then decided to go to the hospital to see the boy's face.

Next morning
Namjoon's PoV

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