Bang! We jump apart as we hear the front door slam shut, both blushing bright red.

"Yeah, um, thanks," Jonah stutters awkwardly, picking up the sieve and walking over to measure out the flour.

"So, that date last night was awesome," Logan walks into the kitchen and stops short when he sees Jonah, "Morning, what are you doing here so early? I hope you didn't sleepover," Logan's tone is joking but I know neither he nor mum would approve of me having a boy stay over when I was home alone, even though nothing like that happened.

"'Course not, that's against the rules. We're just making breakfast before we take the dogs out. Do you want some?" I reassure Logan, my eyes glancing over to Jonah who is carefully measuring out ingredients, with a small smile on his face at the lie I just told, all awkwardness was gone from whatever that was before Logan walked in.

"What you makin'?" Logan asks, going to look over Jonah's shoulder.

"Oi, master at work here, all civilians must keep out of the way," He tells him, elbowing him out of the way as he goes to get the milk from the other counter.

"Alright," Logan throws his hands in the air in defeat, taking a seat at the oak table, "I'll take three then please."

"How many do you want Jord?" Jonah turns to me. I can see Logan carefully observing our interaction out of the corner of his eye.

"Two, please," I say, finally moving from where Jonah left me at the counter to go and sit opposite Logan at the table. I feel Sadie come and curl up next to my feed, content after eating her breakfast.

As Logan and I sit waiting for breakfast I find myself watching Jonah, noticing how he moves with confidence, certain of his next move.

"They're nearly ready," Jonah tells us, turning and catching my eye. I stand up from the table and collect the pancake toppings to take back to the table, Jonah and Logan following with pancakes, plates, and cutlery. Jonah serves Logan and I pancakes before taking his own, leaving two spare in the middle of the table, we start to add our chosen toppings. Jonah and I pick the classic sugar and lemon, while Logan goes for the sickly sweet golden syrup.

"I don't know how you can eat that this early in the morning," I tell my older brother, rolling my pancake up, grimacing at the amount of syrup dripping off of Logan's.

"Easy, plus I need to get my energy back after last night, if you know what I mean," He winks suggestively, making me groan in disgust, Jonah just sits there with an amused smile, silently eating his pancakes, watching us.

"I did not need to know that," I tell him, screwing up my face, nauseated by the unnecessary information that my brother clearly felt the need to share with us.

"Who were you with last night then?" Jonah asks, trying to steer the topic of conversation to something slightly less revolting than my older brothers sex life.

"Arinanna, she's a nurse at the hospital. I swear there is something different about her though. In a good way, she seems like a really genuine person," This is something Logan says after every serious date, if he isn't just looking for a hookup. It worries me, he gets too deeply invested too quickly and ends up hurt and I'm the one left picking up the pieces as he cries on the bathroom floor, cradling a bottle of whiskey.

"Just be careful Lo, I don't want a repeat of last time," I tell him quietly, glancing at my brother before finding a sudden interest in my pancakes. Last time had been particularly bad, that was 5 months ago, just after everything else happened.

"Hey, I'd never do that to you, or myself, again," Logan tells me softly, putting his hand on my shoulder to get me to look at him. I can see the sincerity and pain in his eyes of the memory.

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