Chapter 11

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"Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine."

I woke up and, trying to ignore the rays of sun peeking in through the gap in my curtains, snuggled deeper into my pillow. My unusually hard pillow. When I try to reach my arms up to stretch I realise that they are held down. I roll over and find myself looking straight into Jonah's striking blue eyes.

"Morning," He whispers, his voice deep and rough with sleep, smiling slightly.

"Morning, thanks for staying," I whisper back, laying my head back down on his chest as he strokes my hair. "What time is it?" I ask him, reluctant to fully wake up and get out of bed.

"8:30," He replies, he can obviously see the red numbers of my alarm clock from where he is. "I'm glad you asked me to stay, it felt strange at home with the house being so quiet," He unwraps his arms from around me and stretches, allowing me to get out of bed and do the same, both dogs running to take my place, jumping on Jonah as he tries to push them off.

"Riley, Sadie, off," He tries to sound firm but his laughing fails him and both excited dogs ignore him.

"Sadie, Riley, bed," I take pity on him as both dogs obey my command and head back to lie in their bed, tails still wagging excitedly. 

"Thanks," Jonah sits up, removing the duvet before getting out of bed. "I should go feed Riley, then do you want to go for a walk?" Riley's ears perk up at the sound of his name.

"How about we feed the dogs, I'll make some pancakes so we can eat, then we walk the dogs?" I suggest, "Sadie has to have an hour between eating and exercise," I explain.

"Sure, I'll feed Riley, change and then I'll be back over to help you make breakfast," Jonah agrees before picking Riley up and walking to my balcony doors, which I open for him, he reaches over and allows Riley to jump back onto his balcony from his arms before climbing over himself.

"I'll unlock the front door, just come in when you're finished," I tell him once they are safely inside before I head downstairs and feed Sadie. Leaving her to finish her breakfast I head back to my room to change into a sky blue t-shirt and dark denim shorts, not forgetting to close my curtains first. By the time I'm dressed Jonah still hasn't arrived so I decide to do some washing, I was desperately starting to run out of clothes, due to not having many in the first place.

I return from the garage where the washing machine is kept (don't ask me why, it was Logan's decision) to find Jonah has located the frying pans and all the ingredients that we would need to make pancakes.

"Hey, I wasn't sure where you were so I got everything ready for pancakes, they're my specialty," He keeps opening the cupboards, clearly looking for something.

"What ya looking for?" I ask going to stand behind him. He looks good, like always. He's wearing a pair of denim shorts with a white fitted t-shirt that shows off his lean frame.

"A sieve," He replies, carrying on looking.

"I think mum put them in here," I walk over to the other side of the kitchen and open the top cupboard, sure enough, the sieve is on the top shelf. I stretch up on the tippy toes of one of my feet, trying to reach it, but my hand falling just short of the top shelf.

"Here, I got it, " Jonah comes up behind me, placing one hand on my hip to steady me, using the other to reach up and take hold of the sieve, placing it on the counter beside us. He stays where he is as I turn around' he's looking directly into my eyes for the second time that morning. I see his eyes wander down to look at my lips, he moves his other hand to my hip as he leans in.

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