chapter 13: cottage cheese

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single mom bruno time:
"where is that little shit???" bruno asked himself. "gunga ging gong." secco said. "ah there you are u fat fuck." bruno said and arri'd that crusty dusty dog. "wegegongwegong gunga gonga ginga."'secco said back to bruno. "dont give me that attitude." bruno said. "gunGA GING GOGN!!!!!!!" secco back talked to bruno. then bruno ran away from secko. "GUNG GING GONG." secco said and went secco mode and chased bucciarati around rome.

secco time:
(allow me to translate for u)
"gungag gna ginga gong wegogngog!!!!"
("looks like i got a voicemail from cioccolata!! uwu owo!!!")

"listen here my pet, secco. those two dick holes with a growing amount of dick cheese have stopped my helicopter and the giorno is being a meany weenie. i captured the guy with barly any bran cells and i have giorno captured here too with my fist soln he'll die to my stando 『G R E E N  C U M』and succumb to the mold. i'm sure you'll have no problem taking care of bucciarati yourself, i'll reward you with sugar cubes!!! how many u want??? 3?? 4??? 5!!!! i'll give you 5!!! but you have to catch all of them in your mouth!!! see you later secco~~!" *beep*

"gunga ginga wegongegong gunga ginga gong!!!"
(im so happy for cioccolata!! we're totally gonna capture trish for ourselves and i gett cUBiClIZeD C6H12O6 fUCK YEA!!!!")

christian mom bruno time:
"stop following me."

"gunga ging gong wegong."

"bruh. if only i had taken that birth control then my favorite child giorno wouldn't have been born and none of this would have happened."

"gunga ging gonga ginga gong."

"you're right weird dog man. i should be thankful that i gave birth to giorno out of my spiritual uteris. i am a man i have a dick but spiritually i am still a man but i can give birth. giorno has saved my ass a whole bunch of times i forgot how to count, but giorno really saved me and my children and trish."

"wegongongogn wegong ginga gonga gunga ging."

"i see your point mr. dog with teeth problems (u can fix that with cbd oil btw). i feel bad for narancia and fugo though, fugo was my first favorite child and narancia was my second favorite child."

"wegongegogn gonga ginga gung."

"i see. you're a favorite child as well? you have a lot in common with my children, but i need to defeat u so i can protect the bossu's daughter and my adopted daughter, trish chan."

"wegongegong gunga ging gong gunga ginga gong wegegonegegong gunga ginga gonga ging."

"i know we are having a meaningful conversation, but its time i fuck u up, mr springtrap kinnie."

little did single antivax christian mom bruno bucciarati know, secco hated being called a springtrap kinnie. that was the end of their meaningful conversation.

then secco went truly secco mode and chased bucciarati even more through the streets and ground of rome. bucciarati had to escape so he used 『S T I C K Y  W H I T E  S T U F F』to zip into the ground and nigerundayo outta there.

bruno zipped into multiple different dimensions it was quite the mediocrely strange adventure. then bruno zipped into a place with monoyellow walls and the faint buzz of florecent ceiling lights. "bUCCIARATI UR HERE!!" fugo yelled. "oh fuck i zipped too far." bruno said and unzipped back. "NO BUCCIARATI COME BACK PLEASE I'VE BEEN IN THE BACKROOMS FOR YEARS I CAN'T GET OUT BUCCIARATI MOMMY COME BACK PLEASE I'M SO TIRED OF LISTENING TO MINECRAFT CAVE NOISES WHILE THE BACKROOMS BACK TALK TO ME. OHHH BRUNO MOMMY SAVE MEEEEE." fugo cried. there was no hope for pannacotta fugo, he was lost in the backrooms, forever.

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