Part 16 : Infinite Pain

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Looking at the ultrasound picture of my baby, my ached with endless pain. Why my baby should be sacrificed and become a victim of it?

My baby just a little baby who doesn't know anything about the world like a clean white cloth. I miss my baby so much in my stomach.

My tears don't stop flowing to my cheek when I think about my baby."My baby died because of them!!!!" I screamed as threw all my stuff on the makeup table to the floor and walls.

"Give my baby back!! Bring my baby back, Jungkook!!!!" I look at my face in the mirror for a moment and break it down when his face appears in the mirror by throwing my stuff into the mirror.

I destroyed and threw my stuff to the wall and the floor. "I can't let them kice happily even after my baby dies, this is all unfair to meee!! I'll make sure you both regret and suffer like hell"

I become increasingly uncontrollable in my anger because I still couldn't accept the fact that I had a miscarriage even though its been a year. "OMG Y/N, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!!!"

Jimin immediately went into my room and tries to stop me from destroying my stuff. "Jimin, let me go!! Let me GOOO!! I can't bear my pain anymore!!" I said as I tried to free myself from Jimin and his back hug was getting tight.

"Stop it and calm down, princess. Please~" Jimin in sad voice to me. "They'be caused me to miscarry!!!" I shouted at Jimin. I stopped rampage when Jimin turned my body to look at him and hugged me.

"Please stop it, y/n. You might hurt yourself and I can't see you like this anymore. I know you still can't accept your miscarriage but this is not the way to relieve your pain, princess " Jimin said as he stroked my long hair.


"I want you to defraud JK Group right now and make sure all JK Group's broard member are not siding with Jungkook again! I want you to make sure that he is destroyed until he can't fight me and can't stand up again!!"

"Don't come back if this all is not done otherwise, I will break bones from all of your all bodies!" Taehyubg ended the call and took a bottle of expensive wine then threw it to the wall.

"I'll make sure you're destroyed, Jungkook!!"

*Clubbing, A/n POV*

"What did you say? All this time Jimin was with y/n?" Jungkook didn't think that y/n was with Jimin all this time, that why Jimin always seemed suspicious when Jungkook talk about y/n.

"Yes boss. Not only that, Miss.y/n also has a company called Roby Group." Said his spy as he handed over documents about y/n's company. Jungkook read the content and put the document on the table.

"I want you to send 40 million investment to Roby Group and prepare a joint venture document with this company tomorrow. Don't forget to give me a personal document about Roby Group too" Said Jungkook to his spy. "Sure, boss"

*Roby Group Company*

"What?!! Invest 40 million?? Who invested that much???" Your were too startled and quickly got up from your chair. Why would someone invest so much??

"And one more thing, the investing company is already working with our company and that why Roby is a little concerned about this because GLX Group has posted some signals that will make our company fall bankrupt if we reject their offer"

You can feel your neck bone almost breaking because of this all shock. Why that company is so powerful and influential?

Jimin would be furious if he knew that company was investing and cooperating without telling the owner of the company because Roby was under the control of Jimin's big company.

"Miss. Y/n, why did you accept the investment of GLX Group?! I want you to cancel the contract right now!!!" CEO Park suddenly enter your office with a fierce face and yells at you. You signal your assistant to leave.

"CEO Park, I couldn't cancel the contract even thought GLX Group cooperated and invested without my knowledge because this would cause Roby fell bankrupt" You said as CEO Park give you a sharp look.

"Are you trying to counterthe words of someone of higher rank than you, Miss. Y/n?" Jimin said as his hands hit your desk aloud. "CEO Park, I didn't!!" Jimin approaches you and pulls you into his arms.

"Why are you so stubborn? I'm sorry for yelling at you, princess" His strong amrs are wrapped around your waist. "Jimin, we're at the office right now" You said to him.

"Be quiet if you don't want me to kiss your lips in this office." Jimin immersed his face on your neck, you could feel his warm breath and his lip on your neck. That place is his favorite place if he feel guilty, angry, depressed or sad.

*Skip Times, Y/n POV*

It's 6pm now. This is the time I was most looking forward to, going home to rest after finishing a tedious jod at the company.

I walked to the parking lot while I made a call with manager Hye Soo to take Min Ah as my adopted daughter. "Hello Hye Soo, I've been thinking about taking Min Ah as m-"

But who would have thought, there was a car that was speeding in front of me. I was so shocked until I couldn't even move my body to save myself, am I going to die??


A strong arm quickly wrapped around my waist and pulled me firmly to the curb. With his powerful pull, I fell into his warm embrace. Our eyes met for a moment after a year of not meeting each other.


*To Be Continued*

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