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"So he's nice."

I smile, pouring the milk over my cereal as any human, and not a psychopath does. "Yeah, he's nice, and we went and had a picnic the other day."

Mom s miles, I have to wake up an hour early if I want to catch her before she leaves to work, but it's worth it for her. After all, I hadn't spoken to her in a while and that was slowly gnawing on me. She was also the first to know about Ethan when it came to my parents, not that I didn't want to talk to dad about him, but I just felt more at ease about it.

"And for how long have you guys known each other, how come I hadn't heard of him?" She asks, she likes to speak with me in English, more so than dad did, she said it kept her from getting rusty, but I knew mom's English was flawless.

I hold my breath for a few seconds, expelling it and making a few strands of my hair fly up in the air.

"We met at school" a lie "but I didn't want to talk about it quite yet because it would sound like it might deter from my education." Also a lie.

"Oh, Sol, you're eighteen nearing nineteen and you've had boyfriends before. I know you're a good student, I know the daughter I raised." She gives me this meaningful look that just knots my stomach like no other thing can, "I'm happy for you, I really am, and who knows maybe one day I'll get to meet Ethan."

"You might have already," I much some of my cereal while talking, surely making my mom want to take back her comment of knowing the daughter she raised and being proud of me, "he's the Winston's grandson."

"The ones we used to live close to?" She looks away, cup of coffee nearly to her lips.

"Yeah, we still live close to them he's a couple of neighborhoods away."

"Oh yeah, the ones in the old house. They were really nice."

"Yeah, it's one of the oldest houses in town, they even got an award for it. I think it was built in the eighteen hundreds and just remodeled with time." All that info had been given to me by Anna when I got the mission to break into their house. Ethan grandparents had bought the house in the seventies when it was being sold for a ridiculously low price since the building was nearly falling apart. They got a plaque for remodeling the place, and with time the neighborhood began growing around them. Including my parents who moved to Westray after they got married.

"Wow, where did you learn all that?"

"Ethan." Third lie, I am so getting coal for Christmas.

"I think I do remember him. I'm pretty sure I invited his grandparents for one of your birthday parties and they brought him over. His parents were getting divorced or something."


"Yeah, he doesn't have the greatest relationship with his parents, like I said, he lives with his grandparents now." I just know what he told me about it, and truth be told I've never been one to pry into other people's lives. If they want to tell me about it that's great, if not, then I'd rather not be that person who makes you uncomfortable with never-ending questions.

"Well corazón a family doesn't always have to be a mom dad and a son, sometimes it's grandparents and a grandchild, and sometimes it's better when the parents are apart."

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