Part Four - 32 - Memphis

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Two months, one week and three days later.

"Min-Hee's journal. I decided to keep a journal. This is the first entry. My memory is fraying. Some days I can't make the difference between what happened and what didn't. So I will gather my memories here. At least as they happen... I can't trust anything from the past. Also, after a life of secrecy, I now strive to write my history, my days. I want to leave behind proof that I existed. I want to stop lurking in the shadows. The shadows only ever brought me misery and betrayal. Today Captain Allan Roy asked me if I wanted to become part of his crew. He suspects what I am – an ex-spy, a terrorist on the run. Yet he still thinks I could fit in. The Capricieuse is something. They are a loud bunch. Messy and unorganized. I think they might actually improve with my help. Yes...I am thinking about it."

Memphis shivered and drew the scarf higher on his face. He was pretty sure that his nose would fall off sooner than later. He heard Moira curse beside him. In this blizzard, she was only a dark shape at his side, covered in snowflakes. This snowstorm had been blowing for three days already. The walk between the small town and the Capricieuse was only 15 minutes, but it was enough to freeze to death, he thought grimly.

Then finally, a snowy hill appeared and he breathed out a groan of relief. Moira quickened her pace and he followed. They went around the hill and found an opening on the side, dug in the snow. His sister was already fumbling with her sleeve, freeing the wristband hiding under the layers of clothes. A metal door opened and they both jumped into the Capricieuse, fighting to be the first one inside. The door blessedly closed behind them, their laughs echoing in the empty passageway.

They had landed on the cold planet called Neva-XI a few weeks ago. The endless winter and snowstorms made it the perfect place to lay low and hide while they waited for Edwin's team of archeologists and specialists.

Memphis shook himself like a dog, snow falling off his shoulders and head. Then he started taking off all the layers of warm clothes. It took a while.

Moira was hitting her shoes on the side of the bulkhead, freeing the ice from her heels, before putting them out to dry, "Believe it or not, this is considered spring on this damn planet. I hate snow. So damn much."

He shrugged, "I still think it's awesome."

"Give it time. A few more weeks like this and you will agree. Here it snows even during summer," she said.

Memphis laughed, grabbed his bag, and started up the ladder first.

As expected, he found Edwin where he had last seen him, in the main room, buried under blankets. Books and journals were all over the table. It was colder than what they were used to in the Capricieuse. Kala could have given enough energy to turn on the heat higher, but the captain had forbidden it. He wanted the layer of snow over them to stay intact and keep them hidden between the mountains. Edwin didn't seem to have noticed their return. So Memphis opened his bag, grabbed something, and dropped it in front of him. The redhead jumped. When he looked up and saw Memphis, he frowned.

"It's for you," said Memphis before he could complain. "Open it."

Edwin obeyed. He opened the paper bag and a faint smile tug at his lips when he took out the cupcake. The frosting was still intact, Memphis had been careful during the walk home. Edwin had been hostile toward him from the beginning, but it didn't take the twin long to figure out his weakness. The archeologist, it seemed, had a sweet tooth. Even more, he had admitted it, saying it was more intense since he spent all this time alone and stranded in the Unknown, eating wild plants and animals.

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