Chapter 21

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Billie's Pov

"Well I think we just made that ten times worse" I said chuckling

"Well what can ya do I guess" Y/N said sarcastically

"I'm still really sorry you were dragged into all of this you know" I said laying down on my back

Y/N lay down beside me

"I know you are and really it's fine you didn't mean for it to happen" she said turning to look at me

"Y/N you don't get it, there are some assholes out there that will say shit to you"

I turned to look at her "And I don't want them to hurt you"

"Oh Billie" she said pulling me in for a hug

"I can handle it don't worry about me" she said holding me tighter

"I know you can but I just don't want it to get to you" I said

"You are such a softie at heart you do know that Bil" she giggled

"Shut the fuck up bro" I said pulling away and smiling

"What time do we have to be out of here by?" She asked

"Well we need to be on the tour bus by  like 7"

"So it would probably be a good idea to sleep" I added

"Goodnight then Eilish" she said smiling

"Night dumbass" I replied

Time skip

Once I heard Y/N's breathing slow down and was sure she was asleep I took out my phone.

I needed advice

Me: Yo Ricky I need your help

Ricky 🌈: Girl problems Miss Eyelash?

Me: I guess you could say that yeah

Ricky 🌈: Wait really

Ricky 🌈: I didn't know you were gay but sweet

Me: Yeah that's the thing, I don't know

Ricky 🌈: Confused hun?

Me: Yeah a bit..

Ricky 🌈: I saw the live, the fuck happened

Me: When she grabbed my hand I felt all mushy I dunno bro

Ricky 🌈: Mhm and have you felt this "mushy" feeling before when you are with Y/N?

Me: Yeah sometimes
Me: Like when she smiles or laughs

Ricky 🌈: I have my diagnosis Miss Eyelash

Ricky 🌈: You have a crushhhh

Me: Fuck no Ricky. I'm straight as hell

Ricky 🌈: Billie, honey

Ricky 🌈: Ever heard of the magical term of being bisexual?

Me: Yeah but I'm not into girls like that bro

Ricky 🌈: Tell me all your favourite things about Y/N

Ricky 🌈: Go

Me: Well I like her smile it's so contagious. Her laugh is one of my favourite sounds on the world and she has the most beautiful voice. She isn't in it for the clout and even though I haven't known her long I would trust her with anything.

Me: Shit, I like her don't I?

Ricky 🌈: Look I'm going to be serious for a sec. Don't feel pressured into coming out straight away and it is normal to be confused at first. I'll be here for you girl if you ever need anything ok?

Me: Ricky thank you so fucking  much man, I mean it really.

Ricky 🌈: No problem girl, as long as I'm flower girl at the wedding and godfather of your many future children.

Ricky 🌈: I am the captain of this ship bitch

Me: Fucking weirdo 😂 Imma go now cause I need my beauty sleep

Ricky 🌈: Night baby gay

I set my phone down and looked over at Y/N.

Fast asleep and adorable as ever.

You're in deep Billie

A/N Apologies for the shit I've been posting 😂


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