Chapter 28

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Prepare your asses for the longest chapter ever but it's safe to say that it's my personal favorite from the all those I have written.
You know you've done an evil cliffhanger when your readers leave you death threats X)


(As if you need any reminding)
When the footsteps faded in a few seconds, I breathed a sigh of relief and Chanyeol released his hand. "We really need to start setting a better example as Head Boy and Head Girl." I joked, turning at him. His face glowed like gold in the faint lighting. But anything else I might have said caught in my throat as I found Chanyeol looking at me with the same intensity as he had on the grounds. I was suddenly aware that he was still holding my hand. 

His eyes flickered to my lips, which seemed unexpectedly close to mine and my gaze moved to his. My breath hitched in my throat.

As I met his intense gaze again, I realized two thing simultaneously:
Chanyeol was going to kiss me.
And I was going to let him.

Chanyeol's face moved closer to mine, and I closed my eyes when it became too difficult to keep him in focus. I tried to remember our last kiss . . . wondering if his lips would feel familiar.

In fact, in less than a second I discovered that they felt better than before, better than any kiss I've ever shared as I melted in his embrace. An electric charge sizzled through my veins and the stupid fluttering feeling in my stomach wouldn't stop. His lips were heavenly than any else's in the world. Especially when they are fixed against your own. I had hardly responded him in the kiss when Chanyeol suddenly dropped my hand and pulled away. 

My eyes flew open to find him already walking out from under the staircase. I followed hastily after him, my mind was reeling from shock of what had just happened. I couldn't think properly, my mind was still full of the image of Chanyeol leaning towards me, then the sensation of his lips upon mine moving slowly. But why had he moved away so abruptly?

Still too mentally disoriented to say anything to him, I continued to trail him back to common room. His jaw locked firmly, he didn't once look at me and his quick strides suggested that he was trying to get away from me. But I kept pace with him until we reached our common room, slowing as we reached the corridor of our respective rooms. At last, Chanyeol turned to face me, but the look on his face which could only be depicted as anger, froze me. A second later, he turned and disappeared in his room.

I stood staring after him, trying to make sense of his reaction. Was he angry with me? I don't see how's that possible. So is he angry with himself? Because . . . . he hadn't wanted to kiss me, the logical part of my brain answered.

 And that hurt more than I could ever imagine.

Whirling around, I ran to my room. Immensely glad for the first time that I didn't share a room with my room mates because I didn't want to explain anything to anyone, not even Yumi. Throwing his sodden jacket on the floor as I shut the door behind me, I stripped off the rest of my wet garments in the bathroom, stepped into a hot shower, hoping the rhythmic pounding of water would help me ease my mind. But my thoughts were too scattered to be assorted. As minutes passed, I kept returning to the same point of the evening---with Chanyeol kissing me and my realization that I have been wanting him to do that for a long time. How was it possible that I had been so blind for a long time, I had no idea.

Suddenly, my fight with Jinyoung came back to me, and a new wave of panic broke over me. What was I going to do about Jinyoung? I'd kissed someone else tonight, and not once had my boyfriend entered my mind. I shoved away that question for now---one thing at a time, Mirae.

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