The Rude, Blunt Kid|Karaoke Pt II

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C h a p t e r   E l e v e n



So far, I'm still alive and intact.

The weirdest thing is that Marco's group of friends are complete opposites, if people didn't know and see them together, they would absolutely look like they would most likely end up in mental.

There's Janna; she's way too active and on-going. Ferguson, he's that weird kid who thinks he's so smart and likes to use big words to his advantage. Lastly, Pony Head, she's like that kid who thinks the world is dark and has plans to kill everyone with her horrendous make-up and dark outfit.

"Let's get the party started!" Janna stood up and raised her soda filled glass. Everyone nodded and she grabbed the remote from the table.

"Who wants to sing first?" Janna asks and everyone looks away. I nudged Diaz and he darts me a glare. "What?"

"You should totally sing," I smirked. "--I'd love to hear your singing voice, Zitco," he murmurs. "Piss off, brat."

"No one's going to sing?" Janna puts on this deflated look and shrugs, then presses the number on the screen and grabs the microphone to her delight. "I request everyone to clap their hands!"

The screen flashes the title and it's a Japanese song, or I think so. And I realized in that moment that Janna is, a weaboo.

"Watashiiii omaeeee sukiiii!!" she belts and raises a hand up like an idiot who's drunk. Marco face palms himself, Pony Head snickers and Ferguson gives a thumbs up while I stare at everyone dumbfounded.

"Ahhh that was nice," she says after she finishes, she hands the remote to me and I stare at her. "I-I'll pass."

She insists. "Come on Star! Liven up, let's get this party started. Apparently my friends are lame-ass and are party poopers, so will you do me the honor?"

I hesitate and pause for a while. I'm really in a fickle, this girl in front of me is expecting too much and I can't sass her down. She's too tenacious for my liking, plus everyone here seems so dead inside. "Fine," I say in grudging tone while grabbing the microphone.

"Marco Diaz!" I screech on the microphone. "You better sing after this or I'll kick your butt!"

Janna howls and Pony Head gives a flat out 'yeah'. "Don't expect too much. I'm not that good."

"There are some things I can't tell you
There are some times I want to
Hold and Touch you gently
While we talk with our hands intertwined "

I close my eyes and feel my heart beat louder as the song further progresses. Deep inside me, I knew what I was feeling but I'm resisting it, in a struggle, in a tight position where I can no longer hold it tight.

"Say hi, hi, hi, my feelings are all coming back
No bye, bye, bye, I don't wana go back
But I love, love, love, this sensation deep inside me
Then I'll be clever and pretend everything's fine"


Not bad," Marco smiles at me and I huff. "That's all you've gotta say? I'm great, Diaz."

He shakes his head and pats my head. "Get your damn hand off my head!" I swat it and he laughs. "I didn't know you were the type of girl who likes to sing romantic songs."

I turn red and while it does, it gets redder when he flashes me a faint smile. "It's cute."

"S-shut up, just get your lazy ass and sing will you?" I fuss. "Your flattery won't get you anywhere."

"Easy chihuahua," he chuckles and presses a number. "I'll make you I'll impress you with my singing skills."

He winks and I flash him a disgusting look. "Yuck. You look like a child predator."

"That joke's bland now, Star," he grins and I snicker. "Shut up!"

"Come on guys!" Janna wails, "Sing will'ya? I'm gonna be as hoarse if I keep this goin."

Marco looks at me. "Are you ready for another round?"

I nudge him by the shoulder. "Are you challenging me?" he smiles, "The one who gets the highest score,  becomes a slave, deal?"

September 22,2019

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