Chapter 9

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Almost Halloween... Just a week more till' the special chapter! YAY! I hope you enjoyed last chapter, where I put the POV of a brother, and I chose Trace because I feel like I did not make his crush on Julie obvious enough, but now you know he does extremely, creepily, cutely, really likes her. Anyways, thank you for reading, again. Um, comments, reviews, and votes are extremely helpful, they give up support, but it's optional. I won't force you :) Anyways, enjoy! Also... for you who are reading 'Don't trust anybody', I put the sotry on hold for a bit, but it will return, trust me., Sam's just taking a short break. And my HG fanfiction will have an update soon, so don't worry about that one.


        I sit there, watching, James and Jared, pretending to be okay at a press conference. Matt and Trace sit next to me, also knowing that this is all an act. They have been fighting for about three days now, and they can't seem to make up. 

        "So, how do you feel about your recent casting as Arnold Fidget, Jared?" A reporter asks, "and how do you feel about being rejected, James, and your brother getting the part?"

      "Oh, well..." They both say in a unison.

    Jared speaks up first,"when we first started acting, we knew that in some point we would be competing each other."

        "Yeah, that we would..." James answers, looking down, "and I guess that's what happened. But I guess it's alright, as long as you're happy doing it."

        "Such a fake smile," I hear Matt say.

        After the conference, I receive a call from a strange number. I answer it; who knows, it might be important?

        "Hello," I say.

        "Julie Cavey?" The voice that sounds familiar says.

        "Yes, who is this?"

        "Oh, it's um, Troy Messerli, you know-"

        "Oh, hi, Troy!"

        "Hey... Listen, do you mind meeting with me? Now."

        "Um, sure, where?"

        "At a cafe nearby." 

        I walk towards the direction of the cafe, and enter. I look around, but I don't see him. I order some coffee, and sit down in a table near the front door. After about 15 minutes, he finally comes in.

        "Look at that guy, isn't he hot?" I hear a girl say in the back.

        "Oh, but look, he's here with his girlfriend?" The other says, as Troy sits down. I giggle when they think that I'm his girlfriend.  "Sorry, did I keep you waiting?" He asks, in a soothing voice.

        "No, I barely came in here."

        "Uh, huh... Is that how long it took to get associated with the waiter?"

        "Huh?" He shows me the coffee cup, and I see the waiter's number on it. He chuckles at me not realizing it was there. "He must be interested in you, too." I turn his cup around, where the same number was written. We turn to see the waiter, who just waves at us both. I look at his shocked face, and we both start laughing. "So what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

        "Well, besides having to get to know you, I, um, wanted to ask you questions. Questions about Jared and James."

        "Is this for like a story or something?"

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