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『 Prologue 』

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"Can you tell me what it feels like to drown?"

What it feels like to drown?

What a stupid question.

Drowning is something that one hears about all the time. Whether it be from an unfortunate story on the news you just happened to hear when passing by the TV, or from a newspaper article you glance, or watching a lifeguard jump valiantly into the dark aquamarine water to save a little kid that begun to flail helplessly when you're on your annual trip to the beach.

Drowning is just...one of those things.

You see it one the news, you know how it works by just reading the definition of the word. Something that could be so calm and so soothing can go wrong so quickly. Everyone thinks they're such a good swimmer, that paddling against the waves is their second nature and that water itself couldn't be so dangerous. Water is the basis of life, of existence, of every living cell...and it can submerge those same cells in an instant.

It seems so utterly simple, such an easy way to die. To be trapped under waves as clear as glass while looking up at the surface, knowing you're too far down beneath it to even think about escaping. You can't even tell which was is up because your brain is too foggy to understand that you're not breathing. Water surrounds you and tells you: no, you're not leaving, you are mine; it's a terrifying way to die. Easy, quiet, lonely, yet terrifying.

So cynically simple.

You can't feel the horror of being filled with water up to your brim as you struggle alone. Lungs collapsing and liver failing as they become overwhelmed by the outside force that isn't as dense as blood, but it's so much more dangerous as it filters into areas that it shouldn't be. It spills out your mouth because your organs can't contain it all inside of you and released it back to the ocean that forced it inside of you in the first place.

You can't hear the attempted screams of the victim smothered in the dense liquid, robbing them of their breath and ability to speak. Lungs cannot supply air to the vocal chords and throat because they are so filled with the liquid that doesn't belong there in the first place. Besides, who cares for you anyway? Nobody ever listened to you in the first place. You're already too far gone.

You can't taste the chlorinated water of the swimming pool as the panic in your mind suppressed the burning sensation. Your nerves set ablaze while your heart spasms and twitches your insides because water tickles you like bugs crawling over your skin, the fear factor of death suppresses all senses as it tries to override itself into life, not knowing that there's practically no hope for you anyway.

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