Part 34

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"Say...what again?"

"Umm, Your Father—"

"No, no!! Not my father!! This is already the 3rd time we ate together! If we go or I go any further than that, who knows what might exactly happen!!!" I yelled in crying tears.

This, *points at a severe creature*

Has been what was happen for 3 days straight. Day 1 was a very normal conversation about her. Day 2 was silence and a staring contests. And today was, day 3.

I mean, what's there to talk about!!!? I told him everything (except the double rare reincarnation).

"Please, Romeo!! Take my place!! I, shall lay here until what danger lingers!!" I said as I lay in the bed.

Romeo sighed.

"But, there's nothing I can do to replace you and the big problem is...I'm a man and a regular worker in the Vangelia Mansion." He reasoned as he looked at his watch.

I sighed and started my plan.

"Ahh~ I don't think I am going to make it at lunch with father! I must be sick and I can't really sit up! Could you tell father that I cannot attend?" I dramatically said and faked coughed as Romeo just sighs.

He sigh, "Alright, I will tell your father that you cannot attend and is sick—"

"Oh! And please don't tell him not to come and visit me!! I, uh, don't want him to get sick...?" I realizing I made the last sentence into a question mark.

I smiled it off, showing my innocent and pure smile. Flowers and pink air was in the background.

Romeo who didn't know why he was witnessing this, turned around and left the room.

When Romeo left the room, I sighed in relieve and cuddle up with my blanket and went back to sleep.

I thought I would be back into my fluffy and unicorn with rainbows dream but turn out something else.

Everything was dark.

Well, this felt...familiar.

This happened right after she died. Now what am I doing here? Oh no!!

Did I die in my sleep!!!??

"No? You did not, Jane." A light voice said as I saw a girl around my height walking towards me with her white dress.

What the...

"Eve?" I said and she smiled.

"Yep! That's me!" She said happily.

Woah, she sounded sad the first time we meet? What happen now?

"Um, what are you doing in my dream?" I asked her.

She scratches her head.

"Well? You met my grandpa right?" She said as she looks at me with seriousness.

"Yeah. I did. Why?" I asked as I looked at her and see that this talk will be something important.

"Well, my the one who died in the murder incident." She said, hesitating a little bit.

My eyes bulge out. My mouth drops, not expecting that old man is a part of this.

But, we became friends...

Ah, wait! Is that the reason why her father didn't help her at that time and ignored her because he thought she was the suspect of this whole grown ass shit?

"Old pops..." I murmured, worriedly.

"Do you have any evidence or some sort to prove that you are innocent?" I asked her.

"No. It was planned well and you might've known who the real suspect is. But I should tell you that when that time comes close, the important thing is to have some evidence and maybe a good mouth. Some entertainment for the people, I guess? I don't know?"

She smiled, with her eyebrows, furrowed. Not knowing what she was talking about. I smiled.

"Well, I'll do it for you. Don't worry and rest. And wait, do you come every once a year?" I sudden question occurs in my head.

"Yeah. In your dreams, like right now." She said.

I nodded.

"Hmm. Okay, I got it. Looking forward to this mess but you can rest." I assured her.

"Okay! Bye. See you later!" She bowed and turn around and started to disappear.

Woah! I wanna do that—

"Agh!" I yelled as I fell on the floor.

Lily came in.

"My lady, what's wrong?" She worriedly helps me up and places me in bed.

I took a few seconds to recover.

"Nothing! Just rolling over the bed..?" I smiled.

She sighs.

"Whoever likes you, I hope they live long." She said as she tucks me in bed.

"Hey!" I pouted.

She stood off to the side with her hands behind her back and her cheeks bulge.

"I was just praying for your future husband..." Lily said.


"Achoo!" Zen sneezed.

Who's talking about me?

Zen went back to his work and pretended that sneeze never happened.




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