Ten Little Pills (Part One)

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Dad stood there against the passenger door of his black Dodge Challenger as I stepped off campus. I secretly think this car makes him look like a huge douchebag, so I've dubbed it the douche-mobile. Nay, I dare not tell Dad what I think of it, he'd disagree and laugh slightly. "Hey, Roxie. How was your day?" He spoke. I shrugged. "Fine, I guess." Minus the quasi-invasive note Jess passed to me last period, but fine. My day was fine. "Do I need to settle anything?" He asked. I shook my head. "No, I'm okay." I nipped quietly and opened the car door. "I called Selena. She's coming over for dinner tonight." He slipped into the driver seat. "Really?" I looked at him as he buckled in and I followed suit. "She even offered to cook." He added. "And she said that she wants to cook with you." He noted coolly while we drove out of the parking lot. I looked out the window, not really paying Dad any mind to what he was saying to me as my eyes fell upon the familiar yellow ferrari sitting on the far-edge of the school's property. I knew that was Jay's car. Jay was here and this time he wasn't here to see me. Surely he didn't get the memo that Emma was suspended for the next two days. He was wasting his time sitting there and waiting for her. Fuck him. Fuck Emma too. "Roxie?" Dad ripped my attention away from the world outside of the douche-mobile. "Oh, huh? Sorry." I stammered. "You said something about Selena coming over for dinner." I paraphrased. "And she wants you to help her cook dinner." He repeated himself. "When is she coming?" I asked in a slightly heartbroken daze. "Around 5:30 tonight." Dad answered. "Cool." I nipped and pulled out my phone from my backpack. "Hey, is something bothering you?" I take it that he noted my quick change in attitude. "How did things between you and Jordan end?" I changed the subject while looking at my twitter feed. "Oh-umm...You entered my life." He said, caught off guard. "And uh-" He hesitated. "That was it. I mean, we stopped talking after I moved back out here and lost touch." Dad shrugged. He and Jordan lost touch; both literally and figuratively. "There wasn't really a huge ending like what's rumoured." He added. "It just ended." He finished to a point. "Really?" I glanced up at him. "Yeah, Jordan just dropped off the map and then you appeared." My father nudged me slightly. "Call the Vatican." I joked. Dad laughed at my quip as we continued our drive home. "As if Jordan was a virgin, sure." He noted dryly at the vague woman's innocence. "Did you love her?" I asked. My father paused for a moment, kept driving, and then answered. "Yes, I did love her. I still do." He replied truthfully. "She gave me you, Roxie." He explained. "But she left without a word." I recalled. "And then she proceeded to leave me on your doorstep." I shook my head. "Roxie, I don't think that you're understanding my logic." Dad noted. "There is no logic." I shook my head. "To you there may not be any, but Jordan was able to bring you into the world and give you to me. That's all I need to love her for." He said his peace. "What about the actual emotion of love? And the sex? Was there love in the sex?" I pried. Dad paused again and thought about what to say. I could tell he didn't want to say the wrong thing or lie to me, so the car was silent in the wake of his thoughts. I already knew what he was going to say as if I could see the scene laid out in front of me.

(Roxie's Daydream)

Jordan knocked on the door of my father's apartment and smiled as he opened the door. I could envision his right hand stretched out to her, so she could enter his lush New York abode before it slipped onto the small of her back and pulled her hips close to his and encased them in a kiss. "Hello to you too." She giggled lowly while she touched his chest. "Jordan," He spoke her name as he shut the front door. "That laugh of yours." I could hear him groan out those words to her. I could hear his words coated in desire. "C'mon now, I've had a long day." Jordan smiled and my father melted with it before she lead him into his bedroom. I saw her blue eyes flicker with sexual tension while she strung him along.

To say the least; clothes were shed, bodies were grabbed at, and bedroom hymns were sung at full volume. Seeing my father so vulnerable and naked made me think twice about the man he really is to me. "Tell me about your day." He toyed with her fingertips. "I had to go in for rehearsal." Jordan cooed to him, released her fingers from his and fiddled with his curls. "And then I went on a blind lunch date with some suit." She noted in a dreary tone. "No talking about outside people inside the bedroom." Dad commented as he kissed up her arm. "But he was part of my day, Nick. You asked about my day." The woman in his hold mentioned. "Fine, you get this one pass." He sighed. "You can kiss me while I tell you." She compromised. "Deal." My father replied and immediately continued where he left off. "So I go over to John's Pizzarria for lunch and this suit comes up to me and asks for my name. I tell him my name is Shauna to see if he'll walk away and-" "Wait, you told him your name was Shauna?" Dad smiled in confusion while a laugh was stifled out. "Yes, now get back to kissing my body." Jordan directed. "Mmm...I love it when you're sassy." He moaned and dined on her ivory skin. "Okay, so. The suit finds me out real quick and sits down. Fifteen minutes into the date, he's already on his phone with his lawyer, asking me how I feel about pre-nups!" She explained. Dad popped his head up from her clavacle and knitted his brows. "A pre-nup? On the first date?" He asked. "He said that once I stop performing on broadway, I might want to mooch off of his Wall Street fortune." She noted. "This guy sounds like a dick." My father commented. "Oh my God you have no idea." Jordan breathed. "I walked out after that. I was so bored." She kissed my father deeply. "How was your day?" The woman who bore me asked after she broke for air. "It was chill. I slept in, wrote a few songs, worked on a track, did some shopping, had lunch at a little Greek place in Hell's Kitchen, and then came home." He listed the events of his day prior to Jordan ending up naked with him in bed. "Sounds darling." She cooed and batted her eyes slowly. Dad's fingers danced across her body while he kissed at her neck. "I love you." Jordan sighed as she was fondled. Dad stopped and pulled away. He sat up and looked at the woman with him in bed as she sat up to make eye contact with him in response. "Nick, I-" Her words were cut-off by my father's lips being planted upon hers. His hands encased her jaw and then her upper back and finally, her full spine. I could tell just by the way she hesitated to hold him tight that she wasn't sure how to react to his physical response. Slowly, Jordan's arms rested around his broad torso as they fell back onto the mattress.

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