Chapter 23- Zachary Dean Herron

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Jacks POV
I see Zach. He looked so broken. I wish I could take all the pain away from him. I rush down the stairs to a limp Zach. I quickly turn on the light and I look back down at Zach. On his stomach the word "worthless" is carved out. I start to cry a bit. Zach looks at me with watery eyes. He looks at me with gratefulness. His eyes start to flutter before closing. The boys come rushing down the stairs.
"CORBYN! Call an ambulance now!!"  I yell.
I slap Zach's face that has tear stains on his cheeks.  He opens his eyes for a moment.
"Jack, I love you" He says.
He closes his eyes again. I slap his face more and yell his name. He wasn't responding this time.
"ZACH! Please just wake up!! I love you so much. I can't loose yo-"
I was cut off by sirens. The doctors bring a stretcher down and put Zach on it. The hook him up to a bunch of wires. The put a oxygen mask on him too.
"Only one person in the ambulance" the doctor said.
The boys all looked at me.
"Me, I'll go with him" I say raising my hand.
"Okay, sir what's your relation to him?" The doctor asked me.
"He's my boyfriend" I say.
The doctor looks at me for a second and then says to come in. I hop into the ambulance next to Zach. His heart was beating still. I hold his hand.
"Zachary, please don't let me lose you. I love you so much. You are the light of my life. If I lose you I don't know what I would ever do. I love you so much Zachary Dean Herron." I say sobbing.
It took about a minuet to get to the hospital. The rush in with Zach so I start to run after them. A lady stops me at the door of a room that they took Zach into.
"Sorry sir, but he has to go into surgery and no one is allowed in except the workers. We will tell you when he gets out" she says in a sweet tone.
She closes the door. I turn with my back against the wall. I slowly sit down and sob into my lap. Why Zach? Why does he have to be hurt so badly?

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