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Jungkook had never wished the ground to swallow him whole more than he did that current second. His father made no mistake in following through with the ride imposed upon the Prince and Jennie, since the chances of the potential engagement were growing after each passing day; and currently, the tense atmosphere surrounding the pair was suffocating.

"So," Jennie spoke up, glancing over at the Prince. "Tell me more about yourself."

Jungkook internally rolled his eyes, mentally preparing himself to endure the upcoming moments of pure torture. "I don't see how I'd be much help there, since people seem to know more about me than I do," he responded dryly, keeping his gaze fixed upon the surroundings around them.

The orange hue of the sky gave the palace gardens a picturesque feeling, allowing Jungkook to have an excuse to look anywhere but at Jennie. Undeniably, it appeared to be one of the most prettiest nights the male had witnessed, although he seemed to be spending it with the wrong person entirely.

"I guess," Jennie said, wanting nothing more than to break the evident barrier guarding Jungkook. She'd tried to make small talk with him, however her attempts proved to be completely futile as Jungkook seemed to shut her down each time.

"You seem to know Taehyung quite a bit though," the Princess noted, her eyes flickering back to the Prince for his reaction. It hadn't taken a genius to figure out Jungkook clearly cared for the servant after he'd stormed in on the King, and it confused Jennie. She didn't understand why he minded so much.

"I wouldn't say quite a bit," the boy stated after a few seconds, mustering up a nonchalant tone although he couldn't help but feel his heart beating furiously in his chest.

Had he been too obvious about how he felt towards the boy with his erratic reaction about Taehyung's bruise?

"I never realised you cared that much for servants then," Jennie continued, unable to mask the snobbery laced between her words.

Meanwhile, Jungkook couldn't help but internally cringe. The jealousy practically radiating off her was enough to make the Prince dislike her more than he already did.

"I'm not sure how it is in your country," he said, finally looking over at her whilst tugging against the reigns of his horse. "But we don't take beatings lightly."

Yet, of course this was far from the truth. In the past, Jungkook hadn't spared a second glance after witnessing servants around the palace getting punished for their actions, however that seemed to all change when it came to Taehyung: Jungkook cared too much.

The topic change towards Taehyung caused Jungkook to steer his horse back towards the palace, cutting their ride short. He couldn't bare to maintain the fake facade he'd had to put up due to his own father threatening to slack Taehyung off from his own job.

"We're going back?" Jennie asked, raising her brows at Jungkook, who only nodded in response, attempting to hide the curt smile fighting its way across his face. "We've barely been out."

"It's getting late," the Prince disagreed, signalling over to the sunset. "I'm sure my Father will organise plenty more trips out anyway, don't you think?"

She stayed silent at this, finally realising the boy wanted nothing to do with her. Evidently, this enraged her as she was used to getting absolutely everything she wanted, so the fact Jungkook was actively avoiding her created extreme tension between the two.

Once they arrived back at the palace gates, Jungkook hurried to jump off his horse, take his riding gear off and practically run back into the palace, putting as much distance between him and Jennie as possible. Putting the two together seemed to have the opposite effect than the two Kings intended as Jungkook only grew even more tired of her.

And it didn't help that the Prince couldn't seem to push Kim Taehyung from his mind, as he'd envision the blue-haired boy at every single opportunity he had.

Jungkook hadn't seen Taehyung for the past day, which had given him even more time to ponder over how he felt towards him. At first, the Prince rejected almost every thought that crept into his mind about the possibility he may indeed be attracted to the servant, however after seeing the boy's cheek littered with purple bruising, the way Jungkook reacted only confirmed his fears.

He was in fact attracted to him, and there was nothing he could say or do that would change his mind. The entire aura surrounding Taehyung only drew Jungkook in closer, as the elder had been extremely closed off towards the Prince, barely making conversation with him. Yet, this only sparked interest from Jungkook as usually, he was used to people chasing him, although this time it seemed to completely different.

Taehyung appeared to be doing the exact opposite.

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