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Chu Feng fixed her clothes while Fei Wanting laid on the bed with only a blanket covering her. Then, she (CF) left the room. Fei Wanting's scent and the room's aroma was still lingering on her clothes. It shouldn't bother anyone. She'll wash herself once she's at the shop.

The brothel was still packed although it was early morning. The hallways and stairs were crowded and full. It was really a struggle to move around. From above, Chu Feng spotted Mei Lien, but she was surrounded by some young masters. Where was Mingyu? Did he get lost in this crowded place?

Mei Lien was struggling to deal with the men around her asking for a night together. She quickly rejected them but others came forward. The more people left her, the more people came to her. It was never ending.

"My fair lady, I wish to take some of your time."

Someone asked Mei Lien directly with their hand out. Mei Lien was about to reject when she noticed that it was no one but Chu Feng. She brightened and smile then took Chu Feng's hands without a second thought.

"Oh, so she prefers women."

"Off to someone else."

"And I thought I was lucky..."

Everyone scattered away with reluctance. It wasn't rare to see a beauty but it was rare to see a beauty with innocence. Fake or not, they would find out when they spend the night together but how unlucky they were. She didn't like men.

"I'm sorry, my fair lady, for leaving you without company." Chu Feng continued with her manly and flirtatious act while holding Mei Lien's hands. Then, she kissed them. Mei Lien slightly blush and shied away, quickly pulling her hands behind her back.

"How innocent you are, my fair lady." Chu Feng pulled Mei Lien closer to her. One hand held Mei Lien's waist while the other held her hand. Their faces were now only inches apart.

Looking at the blushing Mei Lien, Chu Feng wanted to laugh. Teasing Mei Lien was fun. Her reactions were really genuine and pure. Anyone who ends up with her will have the time of their life teasing her.

While Chu Feng continued to tease Mei Lien some more, they both didn't notice Mingyu standing next to them. He stood there with fiery eyes but they disappeared as if they were never there when Chu Feng turned and saw him.

Chu Feng rubbed his head and said, "Did you get lost? It would be dangerous if you got lost for a bit longer."

Although you say this, you didn't even come find me!

Mingyu secretly thought to himself but heard a laughter from someone. He glanced at Mei Lien who was trying to hide her laughter. Then, he quickly looked away with a little anger in his eyes though he wasn't angry one bit. Doing this, he knew that Mei Lien will try to apologize to him with food.

Mei Lien, in her mind, was planning to do exactly what Mingyu was thinking she was. She had made him angry so she had to make it up to him later. Food always made him happy. Ah, maybe buying food for him will be much better and faster. It would be easier for me too.

Chu Feng took Mingyu's and Mei Lien's hands then left the black market. Staying there for too long isn't good. They got to their little shop before all the lanterns died out and were to be replaced in the streets. The sun was rising and yet dark clouds were forming. The weather was going to be sleet today.

While Chu Feng was bathing and cleaning herself, Mei Lien stealthily left the shop through the kitchen's door to buy some delicacies and food. She was tired and it was morning. She didn't want to cook or make anything. Her bed was waiting for her.

When she came back, however, the kitchen's door was locked. She was sure she had left it unlock for her to come back. Did she forget? How would she go in now? The front door was her only option left as she had the keys to it. But Mingyu would see her with the things and he didn't like eating food from vendors. He would only eat it if Miss gives him it.

Long ago, but not too long ago -when the Miss was still at the Young Prime Minister Zhou's residence and they (ML & MY) were alone together- Mei Lien tried to feed Mingyu street food but he wouldn't eat them and only left them alone. He would only eat food that she cooked. He told her that it was much "cleaner". But she was sure her food wasn't "cleaner" or tasted any better than the vendor foods.

Just as she tried to unlock the kitchen's door, the door opened and a serpent's tail pulled her inside. Mingyu pinned Mei Lien to the door as soon as he closed it.

Mei Lien stared at him in awkwardness. She was caught. She knew Mingyu didn't really like food bought from vendors but still went to buy it. But she was really tired!

"These are just ingredients," Mei Lien said as she quickly put her bags of food and delicacies behind her, trying to hide them from him. Touching her wrist, she found that her interspatial bracelet was gone. It was in the hands of Mingyu. He had taken it when he pulled her inside.

Mingyu stared curiously at her. Why was she lying to him? He could clearly smell cooked food. If she didn't want to cook, then she could have told him though it wasn't as if he would agree to it. She seemed to be deceiving him a lot after they left Death Valley. Why?

He closed the distance between them and snatched the food away from her. Then, he placed it onto the table, far away from him. He took out some leftover ingredients from yesterday and handed them to Mei Lien.

Mei Lien's heart dropped although she clearly knew she didn't have an alive one.

Mingyu put on a face that said, 'I'm not going to eat that. Make me something.' His actions followed suit. He sat at the table watching her cook. He was hungry and he couldn't sleep with an empty stomach although he was tired.

In the end, she ended up cooking him a meal. She might as well make breakfast for Miss and Mingyu.

Mei Lien questioned herself while cooking: Why did she fall for him, a stubborn and demanding little man?

Chu Feng came out with her human form. Her hair was still a little wet though she tried to dry them with a hand made towel. She eyed Mei Lien who was cooking and saw the bag of bought food on the far end of the table. Seeing the bag, she quickly made sense of the situation. 

She sighed and said, "Mei Lien, don't give him what he wants too much. You're spoiling him so much that he's using you. A child like him can't be picky about food. He'll need the eat a lot to grow." 

Chu Feng was targeting Mingyu's height and teased him for it. Since they left to Death Valley, he hasn't grown an inch while she and Mei Lien had grown at least a few inches more. 

Mingyu's face was slowly turning red. 

Mei Lien laughed, "Miss is right."

"If you say I am, your actions should show it too," Chu Feng replied. She knew that Mei Lien had a soft part for Mingyu but she didn't know if it was because he was a child or not. If it was, Mei Lien would also be a child too. She was only seventeen and Mingyu was only thirteen in human years. 

Would it be consider human years? This book had seventeen months within a year. Ah, it should be called book years instead of human years.

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