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ATTENTION READERS!!! My wattpadaversary is on Thursday, so I was trying to figure out what I could do to make a year on wattpad super special... So, I thought about it, and then I had an awesome Idea.


This contest is one of those oneshot things, and it's going to be based on Fae and Rhett, from my stories "I Didn't Know I'm a Rogue" and "In His Nature".

Basically, I want you guys to write how they first met. You may want to check on an earlier chapter in IDKIAR (the 9th or 10th chapter I think...) You don't have to try and make it sound like my style of writing, because I like different styles. I'm giving you full liberty with POV's and types of narration. Just, please, make sure it's actually accurate and falls in with the story and characters I've created.

So, I think I'll make the deadline October 24th, which is in like two weeks. Then, I'll reveal the winners on Halloween.


1st --> I will fan and read any story of your choice (plus dedication)

2nd --> I will fan or read any story (your choice) and give you a dedication

3rd --> I will fan or ready any story (your choice)

To submit your entires, post it on your profile and then send me the link, either using my message board, private messaging, or my wattpad email (

I think this is how you do a oneshot.... PLEASE I'm really excited about this.

Boy... wouldn't it blow it no one did this...

SO DO IT!!!!

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