Rainy Days pt.2

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The rain had been falling for four days now, occasionally it would stop long enough for you to leave the treehouse and grab more food, and for Senku to check the roof, but soon after the rain would start back up and the two of you would be trapped in the small room.

This was definitely the longest the two of you had ever been together possibly in your whole life, it was not like you were complaining it was nice to have a break and you knew Senku could really use one, but there wasn't much to do in the stone world so being trapped in a small room for days left you both anxious to get out and start working. Due to extreme boredom, you had taken to annoying Senku doing anything to get a reaction out of him.

"Senkuuu~?" you whine.

"Hmm?" he grunts, laying down not opening his eyes.

"How long do you think the rain will last?"

"I don't know."

"What are you thinking about right now?"

"Ways to make the revival fluid work."

"What if we run out of food before the rain stops?"

"The rain won't kill you, as long as you are quick and dry off after you can go get more food."

He answers all your questions straightforwardly and doesn't even open his eyes to talk. You sigh and lay down with your arms and legs sprawled out. This guy, you are not going to get any attention or a reaction if you just ask stupid questions.

Senku stands up and grabs a cup dipping it into a large jug collecting rainwater. The sky was looking brighter and the rain was dying down.

"How long do you usually go without... 'taking care of yourself'?"

"What do you mean?" he takes a drink.

"I mean masturbating," you say bluntly.

Senku chokes and spits the water out of his mouth, he leans over and starts coughing.

*cough* *cough* "what?!?!?" *cough*

You smile happy to have finally gotten a reaction out of him.

"I just mean its been at least four days and boys your age usually do it fairly often right? Unless you literally never stop thinking about science and therefore never have time."

Senkus face is so incredibly red you've definitely taken him by surprise.

"I-I guess I do it a couple times a month, there really isn't a definitive amount of times someone should or shouldn't masturbate, everyone's different."

Ugh, leave it to Senku to give you some sort of biological answer to such a question. "How am I going to get anywhere with someone so dense?" you think.

"Why was that an invitation for something?" he smirks.

"I uhh... It could be," you say turning bright red.

Senku walks over and you sit up, he leans over you and kisses you, placing one hand on the floor to stabilise himself and running the other through your hair, he pulls you closer deepening the kiss. You bite his lip asking for entrance but he instead pulls away to attack your neck. While he leaves marks on your skin he grabs your hips lifting you up and placing you in his lap. You grind into his lap causing him to moan. He slides his hands up from your hips to under your shirt, fiddling with your top he pulls away to look at you for assurance. You both blush as you nod and he begins to lift your shirt over your head throwing it behind him.

Feeling suddenly nervous and very exposed you cover your chest. Senku takes his shirt off too leaning in he sweetly kisses you and takes your hands into his, placing your hands on his chest you feel relieved when you feel his chest-beating fast, he acts calm and composed but he's just as nervous as you are. Breaking away from the kiss Senku stares at you, your hair wild and messy from him playing with it, your beautiful face blushing and turned away from him, and your neck littered with red marks, his eyes trail down to your chest and he once more leans in to kiss you before whispering "your beautiful y/n," he begins kissing down your chest. Grabbing one of your breasts he kneads it while he gently sucks on the other licking at your hard nipples. He moves from one breast to the other doing the same thing. You can feel his erection through his pants now, you slide your hands down his chest to his crotch palming him through his pants. Removing himself from you he looks up at you.

"Are you sure you're ready? we don't have to go further," he says.

"I'm ready." you breathe.

Just as he begins to remove his pants you hear a voice from outside the treehouse...


Authors note

Hope this was ok and not too awkward. When I started writing this I thought it would be like 4 chapters long and I had not planned on writing a smut but looks like that's where it's headed and I guess I'm ok with that. I never thought I would get 25k reads I was hyped to get a few hundred so this is pretty exciting.

I have the next chapter all planned out in my head so expect that in a few days. I'll be honest after that I don't know how many more chapters I'll be doing. I guess because I brought Yuzuriha into this I might go up until she returns and have the book end on the hot springs part or go until senku is brought back from the dead. This is just me thinking out loud I have no idea how I'm going to end this so nothing's set in stone.
(No pun intended. Seriously that sucked)

Edit: ik this chapter was pretty wild I'm literally dying at all your comments Thankyou guys

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