Chapter 27

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Xavier's pov:Anger

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Xavier's pov:
Anger. Anger was all I could feel. Not just the mental anger but one that surged throughout my entire body. I couldn't even think straight as I entered the gates of the school. Even after my run in with Thea's father it still wasn't enough. I should've killed him.

"Xavier my brotha, The uglier version of me how you doing" Luca grinned swinging his arm over my shoulder.

"Did you and Thea you know. Is that why your like three periods late to school" he wiggled his eyebrows as he shaped his finger into a circle and inserted his other finger.

"Shut the fuck up Luca" I growled irritation replacing my anger as I slammed the locker shut.

"What happened to your knuckles" Luca frowned pointing at the dry blood scattered across my knuckles.

"I punched Thea's dad" I shrugged.

"Wait what and why" Jax stood a couple feet away from me eating a whole plate of sushi. Nope i wasn't even going to ask.

"None of your business" I snapped grabbing my bag and making my way to class.

"Ahh finally you all decide to come back to school" the professor grinned looking at the three of us.

"Ohh I knew you missed me" Luca grinned taking the next seat beside me.

"Xavier Where's Thea" Jax glanced around the room.

As if on cue Thea walked into the room her brown hair flowing over her shoulders like silk and her confident aura rolling off her per usual but behind that her movements were stiff. It wasn't easy to notice but I had spent a lot of time with her these past few months and I could pick up on these things. Her eyes held utter exhaustion and I wanted nothing more than to just hold her but I didn't. It hurt that she didn't trust me. What could we have if we didn't have trust. Bullshit that's what.

My mind flashed back to the deep scar that sliced across her honey skin and immediately I clenched my fists together in anger.

"I'm so proud of you all. There hasn't been a fight in two WHOLE days" mr Monroe smiled.
"That's an accomplishment to say the least normally you all start fights just because someone else breathed in the same direction as you" he laughed. God his laugh was making me wanna bust my own ear drums so I didn't have to fucking listen to people being happy.

I kept my eyes trained to the board but from the corner of my eyes I could see Thea glancing towards me. Fuck I couldn't take it anymore. She was in pain and I was just being a dickhead.

ignoring the teachers protests I threw my backpack over my shoulder in two long strides I stood in front of her table cutting the whole class to a halt.

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